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dry-tech® wear-resistant GKF shafting

GKF is a carbon alloy shaft that is a new alternative to zinc and chrome plating corrosion inhibitors commonly used in the agricultural and construction industries.  GKF provides a hardened and corrosion-resistant running surface that will optimize the performance of our iglide® bushings and extend the service life of your application.


  • 3x the corrosion resistance of zinc or chrome plating
  • Surface hardness and corrosion protection are achieved in one process
  • Corrosion resistance helps reduce potential bushing wear
  • Maintains the ability to weld without secondary processing
  • Better wear rates for iglide® bushings compared to other industry shafting alternatives
  • Eliminates corrosion points

Agricultural machinery could benefit tremendously from dry-tech® GKF shafting.  Learn more about igus® products used in the agricultural industry.

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