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Custom plastic bearings in your desired shape, material and quantity

igus® is dedicated to providing high-performance plastic solutions for any application. Along with our standard parts, customer-specific components are produced daily. igus® manufactures the exact components you need at a low cost. We will advise you regarding the most efficient manufacturing method and the suitable high-performance plastic material for your individual requirements.  

Your custom plastic bearing from igus®:

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  • Made for the highest quality standards
  • Batch sizes and blanket orders according to your requirements
  • FDA-compliant materials
  • Any shape, material and quantity

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Serial production with plastic injection molding: efficient, flexible, cost-effective

The benefits: 

  • Serially-produced components are available in quantities ranging from a few thousand to several million.
  • All materials are maintenance-free, with options available for requirements such as temperature and chemical resistance.
  • We will recommend the suitable material for your application and can work with you to create manufacturing designs.

Components made with the injection molding method

Injection moulding machines in the igus® factory  

Other manufacturing methods for your individual components

Components are 3D-printed with the laser sintering method.  

We 3D print your individual component using self-lubricating and abrasion-resistant iglide® plastics. Simply fill in the inquiry form, attach a data file (CAD, STEP) and submit. You will then be advised by our experts.

Best suited for quantities of: 1 to 1000

Turning a component made of iglidur® high-performance polymers  
Turned or milled components from bar stock

Your high-performance plastic component can be machined from bar stock. Based on your data files, we will quote a price and, upon request, make the part.

Best suited for quantities of: 1 to 500

3D-printed injection moulding tool with manufactured component inside it  
Components made with a 3D-printed injection mold

We can injection-mold your individual component, using high-performance plastics, in our 3D printer. This method saves time and up to 80% of costs. The mold materials are able to withstand the high temperatures of the injection molding process, meaning up to 500 parts can be made from a single mold.

Best suited for quantities of: 1 to 500

Injection moulding tool made of aluminium with manufactured component inside it  
Injection-molded components made with aluminum tools

Individual components can be injection-molded with aluminum tools, which is very time-saving due to its lean manufacturing method, even for complex assembles. The tooling costs are also very low. Simply submit a 3D model and receive a quote immediately.

Best suited for quantities of: 200 to 10,000

Get your individual component in just two steps

1. Request consultationOur experts will find the perfect solution for your application. Simply describe the key requirements or special features of your application and attach a data file. 2. Place an orderAfter our experts have received your application details, we will suggest a suitable iglide® material and manufacturing method for your component. For serial production, samples and prototypes can be ordered. .

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Application examples

Application example: 3D printing service  

This 3D-printed gripper is used under hygienic conditions and was delivered quickly at a low price.

Application example:Ophthalmologist's microscope with special components from igus®  

Bar stock was machined for the bearing system of this microscope arm. Highly precise guidance was required.

Hay rakes equipped with plain bearings from igus®  

The hay rake of this agricultural application is subjected to continuous stress. Special iglide® bearings were reliably used.

Versatile iglidur® plain bearings  
Advantages of iglide® materials

Each of our specially developed high-performance polymers possesses unique properties.

iglide® online shop  
igus® online shop

Here you can find all the standard parts as well as numerous iglide® materials and their properties.  

Free igus® online tools  
Online tools

With the free online tools, you can calculate the service life of our products or configure them.  


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