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Polymer Gears
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Wear Resistant Plastic Gears Made of High-Performance Polymers

iglide® is a tribologically-optimized plastic material that has been tested and proven to enable dry-running, maintenance-free operation, which makes it ideal for mechanical gears. Our plastic gears are composed of base materials for wear resistance, reinforcing fibers for high forces, and embedded solid lubricants that eliminate the need for external oil and grease. iglide® plastic gears are also low friction, lightweight, and resistant to dirt, dust, corrosion and chemicals.

If your design or machine requires customized gears, we can use our iglide® 3D printing materials and in-house SLS print service to create gears with complex geometries that are three times more abrasion resistant than conventional printing materials. Learn more about our gears’ wear rates in this white paper. Additionally, other custom production methods are also available.

Different shaft-hub combinations are available:

  • Round
  • D cut
  • Feather key
Gear service life calculator:

We recommend using our online service life calculator to see how long your gears are expected to last inside your application. Simply enter your requirements – such as number of teeth, tooth width, number of revolutions, and operating time – and calculate your results instantly.

Use the gear service life calculator


Injection molding gears

Injection molding

  • Largest possible variety of iglide® materials
  • Standard dimensions available
  • Different shaft-hub combinations available
  • Individual high-volume production of special parts
  • Economic high-volume production

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3D printed gears

3D printing

  • 1-3 day delivery, no miminum order quantity
  • Made on-site in our 3D print lab in RI
  • Use the CAD configurator for gears and racks
  • Can be used for prototypes and samples

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Mechanically manufactured gears


  • Made of iglide® bar stock
  • Economically efficient in the case of small to medium-sized quantities
  • For high-volume gears

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xiros® B180

  • Lightweight, self-lubricating, maintenance-free
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Wear-resistant material
  • Vibration-dampening
  • Hub design: round, D cut, feather key

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iglide® F

  • Chemical and temperature-resistant
  • Electrically conductive material
  • High compressive strength
  • Good temperature resistance
  • Hub design: round, D cut, feather key

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Gear test: cycles until gear break



X axis: materials Y axis: cycles in the test, gears made of xiros B180 and POM were tested. Average number of cycles at 200rpm and 2Nm to tooth root break.

Test rig

All gears made of iglide® high-performance polymers are tested thoroughly and extensively in the igus laboratory

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