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igus® cable carriers, flexible cables and plastic bearings for the theater industry

Reliable, quiet and invisible – setting the scene with motion plastics® for stage equipment

Every stage is unique, which means that each and every component not only has to be powerful, durable and efficient but must also fit together perfectly. Theatre and stage construction present special technical challenges. These challenges include high loads, such as those found on crossbeams, stage lighting, stage sets or entire stage platforms, which must move safely and reliably. Furthermore, technical equipment must operate quietly and out of sight, so as not to interfere with the performance. igus® offers energy supply systems, highly flexible cables and plastic bearings that meet these exact requirements. As igus® provides modular systems and a wide range of components, it is possible to implement customized applications quickly and easily.

The advantages of igus® products for stage equipment and systems:

  • Energy and data cables and hydraulic hoses guided in one system
  • Quiet - 32 dB(A) - and low vibration
  • Lightweight
  • For confined spaces or very high loads
  • High speeds and acceleration
  • Robust and easy to install
  • Simple installation and quick maintenance or repairs
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Safe and reliable energy supply with igus® e-spool® in PA loudspeakers.


Reference projects

Moveable ceiling construction above the stage

Cost-effective and space-saving

Zig-zag e-chains® from igus® are used in this application. This system allows a creative solution for vertically suspended applications, which is not only cost-effective but also space-saving and "inconspicuous".


Moveable stage platforms

Safe and reliable energy supply in confined installation spaces

Stage platforms are used in theatres and concert halls all over the world. Since space under the stage is very limited, the data and power cables must be guided safely and reliably. This can be achieved using igus® zig-zag
, which are housed in space-saving narrow metal containers.

Moveable stage platforms

e-spool® in the fly loft

Trouble-free operation in lighting equipment

Ten igus® e-spool® systems have been installed on the fly walk of the mobile gallery at the Cultural and Congress Centre in Toruń, Poland. They provide the necessary flexibility for the given space in every case.

e-spool in the fly loft

Robotic camera in news studio

Quiet energy supplies

Smooth running, low level of vibration and high wear resistance are important criteria for the individual components of studio equipment. Camerobot Systems GmbH from Germany uses igus® series E6 energy chains to guide the robotic systems in the news and television studio.

Robotic camera in news studio

Industry solutions

Above-stage equipment

Above-stage equipment  

The above-stage equipment includes lighting systems, PA loudspeaker systems and  crossbeams. This is another area where igus® energy supply systems show what they can do.

Below-stage equipment

Under-stage equipment  

igus® energy supply systems have proven their worth in the below-stage equipment of the stage. They are deployed in the power supply systems for stage platforms and turntables.

Lighting equipment

Lighting equipment  

In the field of lighting equipment, not only e-chains® are used but also maintenance-free and self-lubricating linear guides, slewing ring bearings and plain bearings.

General stage equipment

General stage equipment  

igus® products also prove their worth in other stage equipment systems. They are used, for example, in the winches and lifting devices that form part of the stage equipment.

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