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Delta Robots for Pick & Place Tasks

Automating your small or medium-sized business doesn’t have to be an expensive, time-consuming investment. Our drylin® delta robots start as low as $5,351.58 - compared to the $25,000 price point of our competitors - and do not require any maintenance. We design our delta robots with drylin® linear actuators that feature highly engineered, self-lubricating sliding plastic liners. No external lubricants are required and switching out the liners is an easy process. These liners, as well as the other igus® components, such as igubal® double joints that are designed into our delta robots, make the system lightweight, quieter and much more cost-effective. Choose between our proprietary robot control software or a more modular software offered by our partner that’s easier to integrate and change over time. Accessories, such as stepper motors, inductive sensors and motor flanges, are also available.  Our delta robots provide rapid ROI and are ideal for various low cost automation applications such as belt transfer stations and sorting systems, small parts handling & fast positioning machines. We provide on-site consultations and are pleased to offer you testing for your applications, both free of charge.  For more information about delta robots, reference our FAQ section.

Technical data:

  • Positioning Accuracy: +/-0.5mm (0.02”)
  • Work Space Diameter:
    • 360mm (14”) at a height of 75mm (3”)
    • 660mm (26”) at a height of 180mm (7”)
  • Max Load: 5kg/11lbs
  • Picks per Minute:
    • 360mm: 60 picks with a 500g payload (roughly 1lb)
    • 660mm: 30 picks with a 500g payload (roughly 1lb)
  • Max Speed: 3 m/s (9.8 f/s) w/48 volt/15-AMP power supply

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Linear Actuators

linear actuator

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Robot Control Software

igus® Robot Controller

  • For delta robots, gantries & robotic arms
  • Digital twin & teach mode capable
  • Free & no programming knowledge required

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Electric Motors

NEMA stepper motor

  • NEMA Stepper motors
  • DC motors
  • EC/BLDC motors

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Technical documentation & downloads

delta robot FAQ/data sheet

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Technical documentation inst. size 360

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Technical documentation inst. size 660

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CAD data - DLE-DR-...

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Stepper motor

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dryve D1, ST- DC- EC-Motor Control System

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Frequently Asked Questions

A delta robot or parallel robot is a 3-axis robot connected by a common joint above and below the arms to fulfill its main purpose: picking up and placing objects.

The igus® delta robot is available in both a small and a large version: it offers customers with a smaller working range (330mm diameter at a height of 75mm) the possibility of achieving highest speeds. The large delta robot now has twice the reach of the smaller robot (660mm diameter at a height of 180mm), giving customers with a smaller workspace (330mm diameter at a height of 75m) the flexibility to pick up and place objects from more distant locations.

A delta robot can be used for standard applications with small parts, such as picking from a conveyor belt or buffer table to a stationary destination or for painting, spraying and repetitive work over a small area.

The igus® delta robot can lift up to 5kg and press down up to 100N (10kg).

The drylin® delta robot can extend to a diameter of up to 360mm at a height of 75mm.

The larger version of the drylin® delta robot can reach a diameter of up to 660mm in 180mm height.

With the end effectors used in the drylin® delta robot, the possibilities are almost unlimited. These can vary from electromagnets, suction cups and mechanical grippers up to 3D printed gripping tools. All energy and air can be directed via a cable management system to the end plate that holds the end effector, which we can also supply!

The accuracy of the drylin® delta robot is +/- 0.5mm.

The drylin® delta robot can perform up to 60 picks per minute for the 360mm version and 30 picks per minute for the 660mm version.

You can purchase our deltas in a variety of ways, whether you need assembled or unassembled motors and/or no motors at all, we can customize a solution that works for you.

igus® offers the iRC, which can be used to program and control the delta with an easy-to-use graphical interface.


  • Modular control system based on top-hat (DIN) rail, easy to extend
  • Smooth motion with 1/256 microstepping
  • Energy saving operation with adaptive current control: Trinamics StallGuard2 and CoolStep Technologies
  • Intuitive control and programming environment with interactive 3D user interface
  • Programming commands like Joint, Linear, If-Then-Else, DigitalOut, Loop
  • Interface to remote computer via TCP/IP
  • ROS packages are available
  • Options like control cabinet, pneumatic gripper etc. are available
If the igus® iRC does not work for your project, then we can help put you in touch with some recommended control manufacturers.

Yes. You'll need to buy power supplies, sensors and end of arm tooling. You'll also be responsible for robot safety requirements. Integration partners can help with these specifications.

igus® has a network of integration partners that can be contracted hourly or per project to assist you with your delta implementation.