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chainflex® robot cables are used in energy chains or 3D applications. The twistable robot cables meet extremely high industrial stress requirements and score points with properties such as resistance to hydrolysis and microbes, UV resistance and many, many others. Different types of robot cable are available, e.g. hybrid cables, fibre optic cables (FOCs), motor cables and servo cables.



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chainflex® control cable CF77-UL-D

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chainflex® control cable CFROBOT2

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chainflex® data cable CFROBOT3

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chainflex® measuring system cable CFROBOT4

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chainflex® motor cable CFROBOT6

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chainflex® motor cable CFROBOT7

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chainflex® motor cable CFROBOT

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chainflex® bus cable CFROBOT8

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chainflex® hybrid control cable CFROBOT9

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chainflex® fiber optic cable CFROBOT5

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robot cables chainflex®

chainflex® robot cables - use in robots and energy chains
What is a robot cable?
The rapid development in the field of the robot industry has resulted in high demands on the machines and the corresponding robotic components. These include the robot cables that are used in both energy chains and robots. The robot cables must meet the high requirements and withstand the rapid further development. The igus® robot cables are used here.

Why chainflex® cables?
chainflex® robot cables are specially designed for high mechanical requirements. They can withstand highly dynamic bending and torsional movements. Robot cables are subjected to millions of bending cycles and tensile and torsional loads. Many cycles, high speeds and accelerations have no effect on the twistable cables. In addition, they can be used in many different and even extreme environments. igus® robot cables can withstand large temperature fluctuations.

More and more complex motion sequences in industrial applications require movable twistable cables. At igus® you will find a large selection of different torsionable chainflex® robot cables. From shielded single cores, motor cables, servo cables, measuring system cables, bus cables to hybrid and control cables. In contrast to conventional braided copper shields, these specially developed robot cables are particularly insensitive to friction and movement. To guarantee these properties, torsion-resistant, tinned copper shielding ropes are used for our robot cables. chainflex® robot cables can be subjected to torsional stresses of ±180° per 1m cable length. Depending on the type, they are also resistant to hydrolysis, microbes and UV radiation.

The specially developed robot cables are tested for torsion, bending and tensile load. Due to the high robustness of the robot cable, they have an above-average service life. In order to meet all high standards, igus® robot cables are subjected to a large number of tests annually in our own test laboratory with regard to performance and resistance.

Robot cable tested in the igus® test laboratory
In the 2,750m² igus® test laboratory, robot cables are tested under real conditions with 2 billion test cycles per year in torsion applications. The strict test criteria ensure that our robotic cables also fulfil the promised long service life and quality.

The PUR robot cables are highly abrasion-resistant, halogen-free and flame-retardant, and protect torsionable motor, hybrid, control and bus cables from possible damage.

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- Robotic cables by the meter: motor cables, data cables, bus cables and more than torsion cables from stock. Torsion cable from 1 meter without a minimum order quantity
- Ready-to-connect robot cables: chainflex® robot cables assembled as readycable® with connectors of your choice and their desired length or as ready-to-install readychain® package:

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