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Industrial Solutions for Infrastructure & Heavy Industry

igus® energy chains are innovating the fields of civil and commercial construction. In heavy movable structures, theaters and kinetic architecture, among other technologies, high-strength plastic e-chain® cable carriers are providing reliability and decreased downtime. 

The industrial solutions can enhance a range of applications, from vertical hanging orientations to rotary configurations. For infrastructure planning support, igus® civil and architectural engineers are always available for onsite inspection and installation services.  

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Infrastructure Applications

Movable bridges

Movable bridges
For 21st century infrastructure development, the Portsmouth Memorial Bridge was redesigned with e-chain® cable carriers. The restructure increased reliability, reduced costs and eliminated maintenance.

Stage & Theater

The Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts requires durable construction materials to power the overhead speaker and lighting trusses. Cable reels were originally used, which caused reliability issues, so the stage management team replaced the reels with maintenance-free e-chain® cable carriers.

Kinetic Architecture

Kinetic Architecture
High-strength plastic e-chain® cable carriers are engineered for constant movement. These energy chain solutions have been used to provide stability, easy assembly and high load capacity to many moving constructions, including an NFL stadium’s roof system.

engineering field services

Field Services Offered

The igus® field services team aims to enhance your application with increased reliability and performance. Our industrial engineers and field inspectors can assist with onsite installation, maintenance inspections and much more. Applications from steel mills and ports to oil and gas rigs can be serviced.

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