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7th Axis Robot Transfer Units

One of the biggest limitations of a traditional robotic arm is the fact they remain stationary. Any implementation needs to account for this. Thankfully, igus has developed a solution. Using a drylin® belt-driven actuator and an adapter kit, your robotic arm can easily be upgraded with a robot transfer unit (RTU), allowing for a wider range of possibilities and application potential. Both vertical and horizontal installations are possible, as well as elevated installations to improve safety and increase floor space. Smaller RTUs can even be mounted to an AGV, further increasing flexibility. Best of all, drylin RTUs are not only compatible with igus robots, but various popular external robots as well, including Universal Robots, Epson and FANUC.

igus RTUs offer the additional advantages of being dry-running and dirt-resistant, making them the ideal choice for environments where dirt and dust are prevalent. They’re even suited for sensitive clean environments, depending upon the specific requirements of the application. Not only can the RTUs be applied to many different industries, it can be done so easily with the integration of hardware and controls that igus has achieved.


  • Flexible use of robots instead of locking kinematics
  • Connection via linear carriage of the ZLW-20 modular axis
  • Adapter kit including suitable e-chain® cable carriers

Most Manufacturers are Compatible with our 7th Axis Robot Transfer Unit

Example: Epson Robot in Action

7th axis rail

Application Stories

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robolink® ReBeL

Robolink/reBel Robot

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Universal Robots (UR)

Universal Robot

  • Up to 4 times more workspace
  • Stroke lengths up to 3000mm
  • Optional integration into the UR CAP

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Epson SCARA robots

Epson SCARA robot

  • Epson SCARA T3, T6 & ProSix VT6-901S 
  • Drive: stepper motor NEMA23XL with 5:1 gearbox
  • Integrate with the EPSON programming interface

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Cap & Switch Cabinet Integration
(Sold Together or Separately)

Cap & Switch Cabinet

The direct control cabinet integration with CAP enables an easy and ready-to-connect solution. This allows the 7th axis to be moved in the CAP software within a very short time.

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Our RTUs are Compatible with
Most Manufacturers’ Robot Arms

Compatible Robots

drylin RTUs aren’t just limited to igus robotic arms. Robotic arms from UR, Epson, FANUC, and more can all be easily outfitted with our RTUs to ensure we can provide a solution to as many customers as possible.

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