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Service robots

In the broadest sense, service robots are robots that render services for people. For the most part, service robots are differentiated into uses for private individuals and for professional applications.
The following are some of the available types:

Cleaning robots

Robotic lawn mowers

Vacuum cleaner robots

Window cleaner robots

Photovoltaic cleaning robots

Monitoring robots


Robots for bomb diffusion

Robots in care facilities

Robots in surgery rooms

and many others

igus® products in use in service robots

igus® products are already in use in many of these service robots. Click here to see several examples of already implemented customer applications.

New products for service robots

the lightest linear guide in the world …*

Everything in plastic now also applies to the drylin® W linear system in size 06.

igus® DryLin® - trapezoidal lead screw nut - WSRM and JSRM

igus® offers a large selection of suitable lead screws.

… miniature …lift ...swivel

The new drylin® lift/swivel unit is based on a toothedrack drive with coated aluminium 4 square profile

UL-verified 36 month guarantee

UL-verified 36 month guarantee

Cleaning robots

Cleaning robots

Solar cleaning robot

For solar systems to retain their entire performance capacity, they have to be cleaned at regular intervals, particularly in sandy regions.

Cleaning robot

This robot is mainly used for cleaning pipes in air-conditioning systems.

Climbing robot

igubal® helps robot move easily in manus® 2007 competition

Inspection robot

This robot checks ventilation shafts before and after cleaning. Energy supply is via a cable

Inspection robot

Light-weight and mobile robot to inspect pipes on inclines and declines.

Care robots

Therapy robot

The therapy robot helps patients to walk again after an operation. The robot does not simply limit this to level paths, but also simulates complex paths.

Rescue robots / bomb defusion

Rescue robots

After disasters such as earthquakes or gas explosions, this robot can save lives by terrain reconnaissance.

Exploration robot

This robot would get on fine on Mars.

Rescue Robot

Robot using igubal® pillow block bearings wins 2006 RoboCup Junior World Championship

Chemical accident robot

The model of a "chemical accident robot" was developed by four students.

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