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drylin® lead screws

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Lead screws & assemblies that are maintenance-free

Modular lead screw assemblies, customized based on specific user requirements

Lead screw assemblies from igus® are designed for maintenance-free operation and extended service life. Lead screws convert rotary motion into linear motion and are often used to provide linear actuation to a set of linear bearings. igus® plastic nuts are a superior alternative to ball screws in many applications, as they are self-lubricating for the duration of the service life. 85 percent of igus® products are shipped same-day, and 95 percent are shipped within 24 hours.

lead screw nut  
Lead screw nuts

Durable alternative to ball bearings

lead screw flange  
Flange lead screw nuts

Self-lubricating flange solutions

Lead screws  
Lead screws

Stainless-steel or aluminum screws

lead screw accessories  
Lead screw accessories

For specific user requirements

Lead screw designs – easily configurable online

igus® offers a range of online tools to help users find the right lead screw system for their application requirements. The all-encompassing tools report suitable products based on entered parameters, predicted system service life and both 2D and 2D CAD models. Systems can also be individually configured, simplifying the design process. Final configurations can be saved or sent directly to the shopping cart. To see all drylin® linear tools, visit our overview page.


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drylin lead screw assembly expert  
Configure a lead screw assembly system

Find components based on requirements, calculate service life and more.

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Lead Screw Configurator

drylin lead screw configurator  
Configure a lead screw

Quickly build lead screws and view dimensioned drawings

Use the Configurator Tool

Thread systems for all requirements

anti backlash icon  

Geometry with vibration-dampening radial preload for smoother operation

zero backlash icon  
Zero backlash

Special geometry and automatic adjustments for axial play reduction

spanner flat icon  
Spanner flat

Compact geometry for small installation spaces, identical in dimension to conventional metal bearings

High helix thread free sample

dryspin leadscrew technology card  

dryspin® high helix thread technology has high efficiency due to the optimized thread angle. The rounded tooth geometry allows for quiet, vibration-dampening operation, and the asymmetry provides extended service life.

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