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Linear Actuators

drylin® linear actuators

Belt-driven, Screw-driven & Electric Linear Actuators

Converting rotary motion into grease-free linear motion is easier and more efficent with drylin® linear actuators. Our belt-driven and lead screw driven systems are designed with our highly engineered self-lubricating plastic linear bearing liners and do not require any external lubricants. drylin® linear actuators are also lightweight, dirt-resistant, maintenance-free and quieter than recirculating ball bearings.

Our lead screw driven actuators are ideal for low-cycle positioning applications and are well-suited for moving heavy loads up to 25021N (5,625 lbs). We offer various lead screw diameters and materials, as well as stepper motors, DC motors and hand wheel accessories.

Our belt-driven systems are suitable for high-speed applications; drylin® ZLW belt-drives, for example, are rated for speeds up to 5m/s. Other benefits include long stroke lengths and no frictional heat issues.

All of our linear actuators, slides, and bearings are rigorously tested within our 41,000 square-foot test laboratory at our headquarters in Germany. For help deciding between belt-driven and lead screw driven actuators, refer to this tech talk for mechanical insights.

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drylin® SLW

Lead Screw Actuators with Rails: SLW/SAW

  • Low-cost and low-profile
  • Support rails give added torsion-resistance
  • Available in stainless steel and X-Y configurations

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drylin® electric linear actuators

Lead Screw Driven Actuator with Shafts: HTS/HTSP

  • Easy online configuration tool
  • Many liner, shaft and nut material options
  • Available in stainless steel and X-Y configurations

Shop Lead Screw Driven Actuator with Shafts
drylin® ZLW - belt drive

Belt Driven Actuators: ZLW

  • Ideal for low load/high-speed applications
  • Low-cost and lightweight
  • Also available as 2 or 3-axis gantries

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drylin SLN 27 miniature linear actuator

Miniature Lead Screw Actuators: SLN, SLT

  • Compact for low profile application requirements. 
  • Motorized & manually-driven options
  • Lightweight & grease-free

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drylin HTSP low-cost, entry-level

Low-Cost, Econ-series Linear Actuators

  • Entry-level performance for ultra low-cost
  • Lightweight, quiet and maintenance-free

Shop Low-Cost, Econ-series Linear Actuators

Actuators with Gear Racks: GRQ, GRW

  • Constant steady axis regardless of the stroke length
  • For high precision and speeds, long travels
  • Freely controllable installation position

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Design your specific linear actuator

drylin linear actuator configurator

The drylin® linear actuator configurator is a comprehensive tool for configuring your own linear actuator, calculating service life, downloading CAD files and placing an order—all in one place. Simply enter your application parameters, choose from the recommended slide tables or linear actuators, pick your accessories and add to your shopping cart.

Use the Configurator

Shop drylin® linear, lead screw and belt-driven actuators


Stepper, DC & EC/BLDC motors

  • Wide range for linear actuators & gantries
  •  With encoders, brakes, motor controllers
  • Design solution to specs with config tool

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XYZ gantry robots

Gantries and Cartesian Robots

  • From stock or easily customizable
  • Available with motors and drive/motor controllers
  • Low-cost, lightweight and maintenance-free

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linear actuator accessories

Linear Actuator Accessories

  • Motor controllers, motor flanges, couplings
  • Initiators and proximity reference switches
  • External braking resistors

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Discuss your project with a linear actuator expert

Whether you're interested in turnkey, fully assembled solutions or looking to build your own customizable project, let us assist you with a solution based on your specific application and requirements. Contact us via the form below or call us at (800) 521-2747 to discuss your project today!

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Linear actuator accessories

Looking for individual parts for your actuator? Browse our selection below.

linear bearings and slides

Linear bearings and slides

  • Compatible with standard ball bushings
  • Interchangeable liners
  • Highly wear-resistant
  • Durable and dirt-resistant

Browse linear bearings and slides
drylin lead screw with nut

Lead screw drive and nut assemblies

  • Lead screw nuts
  • Flange lead screw nuts
  • Stainless-stell or aluminum lead screws
  • Accessories for specific requirements

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Electric motors

Electric motors

  • Stepper motors
  • Direct current motors (DC)
  • Motor controllers

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