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Robot dresspacks: flexible cable carriers
& accessories for industrial robots

triflex® R is a multi-axis cable carrier designed for a variety of robotic applications.

triflex® R features a built-in torsion stop to reduce the amount of mechanical stress imposed on your robot cables; a defined bend radius to ensure the bend radius of your cables won’t be violated; and a split cavity that acts as a separator to reduce excessive cable wear. Unlike corrugated tubing, triflex® R comes in nine sizes and is designed with ball and socket links that enable individual pieces of the system to be replaced if one of them is damaged. You can add or remove links if your system is too short, too long or if your robot needs to be repurposed.

Advantages of triflex® R

  • Defined bend radius, built-in torsion stop
  • Easy to lengthen/shorten, simple filling
  • Ball & socket link design
  • Multiple cavities reduce cable abrasion
  • Also available with our flexible chainflex® cables
Industries and Applications:

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  • Most common style
  • Easy fill – fast cable installation and removal
  • Reduces time to change cables by 75%
  • High strength due to external stop-dogs
  • Two chambers for cable separation
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  • Closed design with snap-lock mechanism for fast opening, easy assembly/disassembly
  • Impact and abrasion resistant
  • Available with special bend radii for laser welding
  • Three chambers for cable separation
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Retraction systems

retraction systems

  • Guides carriers to prevent loops in robot's path
  • Linear system for welding, riveting, nailing robots
  • Wheel system for small robots to prevent loops
  • Pneumatic system to avoid loops on robots' wrist
  • Compact, modular system for industrial robots
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Cobot kits, e-chain® and accessories for robots

We manufacture all your cable carrier needs for your robot application.

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10 tips for energy supply on the robot

Robotics cable carrier catalog:

Robotics cable carrier catalog:

triflex sample box

Free triflex® R Sample Box

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What are the different types of triflex® R cable carriers

This infographic explains the differences between various models of triflex® R

Corrugated hose vs. triflex® R

A comparison in eight short videos

There is competition between the corrugated hose and the triflex® R e-chain® as means of protecting cables. In eight short videos, we pitted the two products against one other in various disciplines or rounds. However, apart from the color and external shape, they have little in common.

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  • Q: How do corrugated hoses behave under tensile strain?

    Corrugated hose: 
    Stretches greatly under tensile load. The cables in the corrugated hose cannot elongate in the same ratio and are therefore damaged.

    triflex® R:
    Stretches only minimally under tensile load. No additional load for the cables

  • Q: Is there a limit to the amount of bending possible?

    Corrugated hose: 
    It offers no minimum bend radius

    triflex® R: 
    Offers a bend radius of between 50 to 182mm depending on the triflex size.

  • Q: What happens if the product is bent too much?

    Corrugated hose
    Damage to the corrugated hose due to stresses and torsional movement can cause damage to the cables

    triflex® R: 
    The stop-dogs prevent the e-chain from bending too tightly.

  • Q: What happens when torsional forces occur?

    Corrugated hose: 
    None or limited torsion occurs

    triflex® R: 7-12.5° torsion angle per chain link
    Up to 900° torsion angle for one metre (example: TRC/TRE.40)

  • Q: How can cables with plugs be installed?

    Corrugated hose: 
    If the plug is not too large, the cable can be pushed through from the ends.

    triflex® R: With TRE, TRL, TRLF and TRCF, cables with plugs can be pressed in externally.

  • Q: What options are there for adjusting length?

    Corrugated hose: 
    Can be shortened only with tools (knives). This can pose health and safety risks and can damage cables.

    triflex® R: 
    Length is adjustable with and without tools being required. This is dependant on which triflex range.
    Due to the moduar design, the triflex can be lengthened and shortened by fitting/ removing chain links to suit. This cannot be done with a corrugated hose.

  • Q: What options are there for installing services/cables?

    Corrugated hose: 
    Can be installed via the hose ends only.

    triflex® R: Can be installed via the e-chain ends or due to the design of the TRE, TRL and TRCF, the installing of cables/services can be implemented externally.

  • Q: How can damaged areas be repaired?

    Corrugated hose: 
    Damaged areas cannot be replaced or repaired.

    triflex® R: In the unlikely event that a chain link is damaged, the damaged chain link can be replaced, even when the chain is filled with cables or services.

Robotics news 2022

The latest products and product enhancements from the field of robotics. Example: space-saving installation with a retraction length of up to 36% with the telescopic triflex® R TRX and more.

  • TRX for testing
  • Retraction system in size 50
  • Fibre rod modules in size 30
  • i.Sense TR. B for intelligent condition monitoring

To the triflex R news

Typical robot industries and applications:

Industrial robots, machine tools, Handling Equipment 6-axis, conveyor technology, general Mechanical engineering and much more.

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