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Mining Equipment Solutions from igus®

Mining applications have come to define the term "severe duty". Machinery used in this industry must endure corrosive and aggressive materials like coal, limestone and taconite, extreme high and low temperatures, snow and ice accumulations, and high vibrations from neighboring equipment. igus® has the right e-chain® solution to offer years of dependable low-maintenance operation for the most taxing of environments within the Mining industry. Our service life calculators, backed by lab and field data, can accurately compute the service life of your system measured in years of service and miles of overall travel. igus® energy chain systems®, with no parts marked for wear, offer long service life, minimal maintenance and reduced downtime of your Mining equipment. 

igus® e-chain cable carrier systems are a modern alternative to:

igus® e-chain cable carrier systems are resistant to:

  • Aggregates
  • Corrosion
  • Chemicals
  • High and low temperatures
  • Wind
  • UV

e-chain® cable carriers and readychain® pre-assembled cable carriers

P4.1 series

P4.1 smart plastics  

  • Travel lengths of 800 m and higher are possible
  • High fill weight of up to 30 kg/m
  • Speeds of up to 10 m/s possible
  • Plastic bearings allow for longer service life

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4040RHD/5050RHD series

4040RHD/5050RHD series  

  • Travel lengths of 1,000 m and higher
  • Cable loads of up to 50 kg/m
  • Speeds of up to 6 m/s
  • Various roller types for optimum application adaption

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Pre-assembled cable carriers

Pre-assembled cable carriers  

  • Assembly time is reduced by up to 95%
  • Reduction of manufacturing costs
  • Minimal logistics work, no storage space necessary
  • Procurement optimization - 1 system, 1 part #

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Motor cable CFCRANE


  • For highest voltages and outputs
  • Flame-retardant
  • UV resistance
  • Oil resistance

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Guide troughs for long travel gliding

Guide troughs for long travel gliding  

  • For long travel applications
  • Very tough and reliable
  • For extreme loads

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e-chain®'s for rotational movement

e-chain®'s for rotational movement  

  • Rotation angle of 540° (on one level)
  • Rotation angle of 900° and more are possible with the igus® MRM
  • Rotation speed of up to 360°/s

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Optimize your e-chain® service life

engineering services  

Proper installation is essential for the life of your cable carrier, and igus® has a team of dedicated engineers ready to assist you every step of the way. Whether a site inspection, an installation, or complete modernization, our installation and inspection services will ensure the longest possible service life for your e-chain® system.

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Application Examples

Stackers & Reclaimers

igus® rotating energy supply system and cables have been installed in stackers & reclaimers since 2014.

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Lignite excavator

For travels of 615m, in operation without failure since 2008

Compared to previously installed festoon systems, the 5050RHD series e-chains® now reduce the required cable lengths and save installation space. The 5050RHD series is used in the large lignite excavator in the Czech Republic.

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Bucket Wheel Excavator

An e-chain cable carrier is used in this bucket-wheel excavator used in surface mining. The e-chain is part of the rotating assembly.

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Ship Unloader

Travel of 441 m and in operation without failure since 2001

Series 5050R e-chains®, CFCrane chainflex® cables and fiber optic cables are used in ship unloaders at a modern coal-fired power plant in Malaysia. All e-chains® are completely equipped with stainless steel guide troughs and withstand weather conditions.

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Conveyor Systems

Energy supply under adverse environmental conditions since 2013

igus® energy supply systems (rol e-chain® type 5050RHD, chainflex® cables and Push/Pull Detection System) are used in the conveyor systems in Stade.

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Taconite Mine

The longest energy chain in North America

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Application Assistance

For further questions or product information, please contact:

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