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Maintenance-free, self-lubricating plastics for aeronautics, space technology and airport equipment

The advantages of igus® products for the aeronautical industry:

  • Light and inexpensive due to plastic and aluminum
  • Materials approved for aviation
  • Completely maintenance-free and without lubricants
  • High stressing capacity
  • Individual solutions are possible

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Benefits of the aerospace industry

Selected products for aviation

Plastic Solutions for Airplane Interior & Ground Handling at Airports

Energy chains

e2 micro

  • Quiet, wear-resistant and vibration-free
  • Highly stable and durable
  • Long travels

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chainflex cables for movement

chainflex cables

  • For highest stress
  • Largest assortment with 1.354 cable types
  • 25 years of experience - 36 months warranty

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drylin linear technology

drylin® linear guides expert

  • Ready-to-connect linear axes with drive and motor
  • ZLW toothed belt axles - very light
  • Linear guides - save up to 40% in cost

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igubal spherical bearings


  • Up to 40% more cost-effective than metal bearings
  • 80% lighter than metallic alternatives
  • Lubrication-free and therefore low-maintenance

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iglide plain bearings

iglide® plain bearings online shop

  • Light and quiet
  • Resistant to dirt
  • Wide range of standard products

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Individual special bearings

Custom Components

  • Tailored to your own needs
  • Variety of wear-resistant materials
  • Lubrication and maintenance-free

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Products: Current News for Aerospace

the lightest linear guide in the world …*

Everything in plastic now also applies to the drylin® W linear system in size 06.

Self-lubricating … 100 % metal free

The combination of tribologically optimised drylin®W linear guide made of carbon with dry-tech polymers in the carriage and deflection make the toothed belt axis ZLW-0630-P the first completely metal free toothed belt axis

... a feed rate of up to 100 mm ...

Efficiency, a long life and quiet running distinguish the dryspin high helix thread technology.

UL-verified 36 month guarantee

UL-verified 36 month guarantee


In aircraft construction, e.g. in machines, robots

At the airport/airfield, e.g. in tankers or fire-fighting vehicles, passenger boarding bridges, aircraft tugs

In interiors, e.g. seats, tray drawers, sliding doors


Maintenance-free and self-lubricating plastic plain bearings

linear guides

Maintenance-free and self-lubricating linear guides

Energy Chains®

Energy supply
chains, flexible cables and accessories

Find other examples of application
Are you looking for practically tested application examples in a certain industry?
Here you can browse through already implemented customer applications and filter them according to your specifications.

Application examples

igus® products have already been providing weight and cost reduction for many customer applications in the aviation industry.
Here are some examples:


Easy cable changes and a compact design with ideal dimensions.

Passenger boarding bridge

e-chains® replace festooning s on passenger jet ways for increased reliability.

Light aircraft

iglide® plastic bushings were used in this aircraft design and have been proven in over 400 flying hours to date.

Electric motor glider

Robust and vibration-reducing

Airplane prototype

Changeover to corrosion-resistant, lightning-resistant and insulated plastic plain bearing in the entire airplane system.

Aerospace industry

iglide® H plastic bushings in steel brake flaps designed to hold a jet engine in the event of brake malfunction at maximum thrust.

DFG wing

German company DFG uses iglide® plastic plain bearings in airfoil wings to improve the airplane wing’s safety value and to lower costs.

Helicopter load system

igus® maintenance-free bearings and linear guides prove useful in rescue helicopters

Helicopter drone

Light and free from play

Rotor head

Lightweight and maintenance-free iglide® G300 plastic bushings are used in the rotor head of this ultra-light gyrocopter.

Hot air balloon altitude world record

iglide® G300 and W300 plastic bushings were used in the pressurized capsule of this hot air balloon.

Hydraulic lifter in airplane hangar

Hydraulic working platforms in an airplane hangar for the Airbus A380 in Singapore are equipped with igus® e-chains®.

Airfield tanker vehicle

Cable and hose protection in airfield tanker vehicle with 6-level telescopic crane.

Mobile barrier system JetTrac

Robust and vibration-reducing

Satellite salvage service

An increasing amount of space junk, in other words no longer required or defect parts from space missions orbiting the earth, is also threatening current missions.

Rocket launch site

The igus® products used are designed for mobile applications in such a way that it features a long life and functions absolutely reliably.

Suspended articulated arm robot

Triflex® R as a complete solution for several tasks at once on a suspended robot

Test stand for control centres

Only extensive earthbound testing can demonstrate the suitability of components for space applications.

Aircraft project

This project is a study module for the development of a model airplane. iglide® bearings were used for mounting the aileron.

Passenger boarding bridges

Use of energy chains and highly flexible Chainflex® cables in the telescopic

movement for driving the gangway up to the plane
and in the
lifting movement to bring the gangway to the height of the doors.

Passenger boarding bridges

Passenger boarding bridges

Use of an energy chain series 4040C.30.250.0 in a gangway.

Passenger boarding bridges

Passenger boarding bridges

Use of an energy chain in a passenger boarding bridge.

Passenger boarding bridges

The mechanical movement should run smoothly in passenger boarding bridges. Click here to see the places where igus® products can be used for this purpose.