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Breakage detection (EC.B) for e-chains®

Breakage detection EC.B

Sensor for smart energy chains|isense EC.B

Unfortunate circumstances – not always a chain failure

Links in e-chains® are made for tough continuous use. If, nevertheless, forces should somehow overtax your e-chain®, the EC.B sensor detects link breakage in your e-chain® immediately and, should the worst happen, sends a notification right away. This allows you or your system to intervene, frequently preventing both additional damage (to the opposite chain link) and system shutdown. If you believe that this kind of security is exactly right for your application, you can assemble the suitable package with our selection aid. Installation details can be found here.

How does EC.B work?

Video contents

  • What is breakage detection EC.B in an energy chain?
  • Why is EC.B breakage detection used at all?
  • How is the EC.B system designed?
  • What is the use of the EC.B system? 

Animation video of the EC.B

Discover EC.B functionality in 82 seconds

  • Module (EC = e-chain B = break detection) detects breaks in individual chain links
  • A rope is passed through the e-chain and tightened to record any change in length and report it to the EC.B. sensor.
  • This detects chain breaks, shuts down the system and prevents further damage
  • All the information is stored on an SD card for analysis.  

EC.B mounted on a container crane

Konstantin Schmer explains the system


  • The EC.B (EC = e-chain®, B = break detection) module is installed on the moving end of the e-chain®
  • Special mounting brackets allow the EC.B. sensor to be mounted on the moving end of the e-chain®
  • Supplementing break detection (EC.B) with an EC.M (EC = e-chain®, M = motion) sensor moves the system from mere condition monitoring to  predictive maintenance. The additional measured values (speed, acceleration and temperature) allow the system to calculate service life and display maintenance times.

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Querying the EC.B

Installation instructions for an EC.B

Sixteen pages of simple, clear diagrams. Thirteen steps to correctly installing the EC.B module, including other necessary materials and tools.

EC.B application examples

Gliding applications

Long travel

Great material load due to heat

High temperature

Dust and dirt


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