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drylin® E DC motors

Simply rotate

Simple linear motions can be implemented by DC motors. The motor can be rotated by a battery or a simple power supply unit. The change of pole of the voltage ("+" and "-" pole) enables simple directional changes.

Simple DC motor

Operating voltage 12 - 24 VDC

Direct battery operation possible

Small & quiet

Torques of 0.1 - 1.8 Nm

Rotation speeds of 22 - 440 rpm

Linear speeds of 0.55 mm to 300 mm/s

Application areas:Simple, slow format adjustments or sensor/camera travels

DryLin® E DC Motor  
Dimensions [mm]

  DC motor
Length* ca. 75-82
Diameter ca. 37
Shaft Ø 6
Shaft length 21

dryLin® E DC Motor  

drylin® E data sheet - DC motors

Part No.:
Order number [Nm]    
 MOT-AE-B-024-001-037-F-A-AAAA 0.07 Upon request 
 MOT-AE-B-024-003-037-F-A-AAAA 0.22 Upon request 
 MOT-AE-B-024-007-037-F-A-AAAA 0.52 Upon request 
 MOT-AE-B-024-005-036-F-A-AAAA 0.37 Upon request 
 MOT-AE-B-024-015-037-F-A-AAAA 1.11 Upon request 
 MOT-AE-B-024-010-042-F-A-AAAA 0.74 Upon request 
 MOT-AE-B-024-018-042-F-A-AAAA 1.33 Upon request 
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drylin® E - Product finder and lifetime calculation

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drylin® E – "E“ as in electric - product overview

The constant development of the toolbox and system concept of the self-lubricating drylin® drive technology.

drylin® E – "E“ as in electric - product overview    

drylin® E – application examples

Applications with the modular linear construction kit with motor

drylin® E – application examples    

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