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One linear module with 2 drives - drylin® SLWT

... independently controllable ...

drylin® SLW linear module with double lead screw and carriage in wide design.

The separate adjustment and operation of 2 individual  linear carriages of a linear module is the great advantage of the SLWT tandem series. On the basis of the new drylin® rail profile WS-16-120, we have simultaneously expanded the tandem series. In addition to having a wide support surface, the linear modules offer the greatest degree of flexibility in the choice of drive. Two angular drives installed side by side are an ergonomic advantage for manual operation. And at the same time, it is also possible to operate 2 stepper motors in parallel from one side. The linear module is available both with a lubrication-free plain bearing lead screw and dynamically with a ball bearing lead screw. As the first installation size, also with dryspin® lead screw technology for thread pitches from 3 to 30mm.

SLWT linear module with double carriages

Improve technology with igus®

Tech up

  • Adjustment of two linear carriages with one linear module
  • Wide structural type for connection of two electric motors
  • Ergonomic operation due to parallel angular drives
  • Choice of identical lead screws or individual pitches possible
  • Three carriage lengths for optimum support torque

Reduce costs with igus®

Cost down

  • Ready-to-install linear module with two adjustment carriages
  • Supplied ready for connection with operating accessories or electric motors
  • Stroke lengths accurate to the millimetre up to 750mm
  • Fast bearing replacement with drylin® W exchange bearing
  • No brake necessary due to self-locking dryspin® lead screw Ds14x3, 14x4

igus® demonstrates how it works!


  • Bore pattern 20/40 front side for NEMA stepper motors and angular drives WT series 3 and 4 
  • Resistance torque higher by a factor of 3 compared to width 1660
  • Up to 5.75 higher geometrical torque of inertia
  • Hard anodised aluminium rail profile, salt-spray tested (NSS) according to DIN EN 9227/ASTM B-117

Plastic to Oil - igus® is sustainable


  • Two adjustment options in one linear module
  • 100% maintenance-free due to self-lubrication
  • All bearing points made of igus® polymers for clean and hygienic operation, optionally also FDA compliant
  • Find out more about igus sustainability at: Plastic2Oil

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