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e-tract 2.0 cable retraction system

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e-tract is a solution for automatic rewinding of a cable. This prevents hazards and cable damage due to improper winding or obstructing cables. The e-tract is used in applications where a mobile terminal is connected to a cable and was previously rolled up by hand. Multiple deflection means that long extension lengths are possible where there is limited installation space. A slip ring is dispensed with completely.

  • Compact wallbox integrated
  • Can be manufactured from recycled plastic
  • Protected and visually tidy
  • Rotating base

Typical application areas: 
Control panels, tools on assembly lines and work tables, charging stations

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Tech up

Tech up

  • Neatly rolled up cable
  • Visually tidier
  • Protected from wind and weather
  • Can be combined with all commercially available wallbox systems
  • Cable-friendly plastic rollers
  • Defined bend radius protects the cables

Cost down

Cost down

  • Protection against cable theft (when retracted)
  • Longer service life thanks to protection from weathering



  • Test setup in the igus laboratory



  • Resource-saving or CO₂-neutral production
  • Use of recycled or recyclable raw materials
  • Supports e-mobility

Advantages of e-tract


No clutter


No obstacle


No dirt


No theft


Without e-tract

Without e-tract, the cable is exposed to the weather.


e-tract with e-car

With e-tract, the cable is neatly rolled and protected.

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