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Accessorize Your Cable Carrier

Accessories–or lack thereof–are a vital part of the performance of a cable carrier system.
For a design engineer, specifying the best cable carrier for a particular application is an important part of the design process.

There are a variety of different options available, but once you have settled on a cable carrier, there is a crucial next step: choosing accessories. Below are some are some important accessories to consider.

Cable carrier accessories from igus 1.1 igus® offers an extensive line of accessories for its cable carriers, such as strain relief and interior separation elements.

Strain relief

Strain relief is a key element of any cable carrier system, as it properly positions the cables in the cavity of the carrier. Proper strain relief defends against cable damage and extends the life of cables and hoses.

igus® offers a number of strain relief options specifically designed for its lines of cable carriers and continuous-flex cables:

Chainfix clamps from igus

Chainfix clamps

Chainfix clamps provide strain relief in energy chain cable carriers using clamps and pressure elements. They can be used with igus® KMA brackets.

Tie wrap plates from igus®

Tie-wrap clamps

When using tie-wrap clamps, the cables are fastened to the teeth of the plate, which clips into the profile rail without the need for bolts or hardware. To save time, the plate can be directly integrated into the mounting bracket of the cable carrier.

Strain relief blocks for cables

Strain relief blocks

Modular strain relief blocks are designed for small cables with diameters between 4.3 and 14 millimeters. Strain relief blocks eliminate the need for fastening hardware.

Guide Troughs

Guide troughs are ideal for long travels (typically 20 feet or more) to ensure the smooth, low-friction operation of a cable carrier. igus® offers guide troughs that are adjustable to the width of the specific style and size of the cable carrier being used so the proper clearance is maintained.

Three different styles that igus® offers include:

Aluminum Super Trough from Igus

Aluminum “Super Trough”

This guide trough is low-cost and easy-to-assemble. Its low-noise and corrosion-resistant features make it ideal for almost any application. Aluminum “Super Trough” is available with built-in glide strips to prevent wear in high-speed applications and three different fastening options, including brackets, bottom clamps and interface connectors. For convenience, this particular guide trough can be upgraded for heavier duty applications.

Steel Guide Troughs from igus

Steel Guide Troughs

This guide trough is for especially rugged applications, such as those found in plant construction. While every size uses a common profile rail on which the guide parts are assembled, the trough’s brackets vary in height and the joint connection is specified for the individual application. The side parts are available in galvanized steel and also stainless steel upon request.

Support tray from igus®

Support Tray

A support tray is designed to support the lower run of a cable carrier. This system comes together with an energy chain cable carrier, ready to install onto your machine on profiles or wall-mount brackets.

cable carrier mounting brackets from igus

Mounting Brackets

Mounting brackets are a crucial part of a cable carrier system to ensure the cable carrier does not bow out. igus® offers two types of mounting brackets: one made of high-performance plastic and steel, and a KMA version, which attaches flush to the machine.

PMA corrugated tubing from igus

PMA corrugated tubing

PMA protective hoses are for applications requiring flexible protection for electrical wires and cables. igus® offers a line of PMA, which can be used in a variety of applications from mechanical and automotive engineering systems to chemical plants with high temperatures and high-speed, high-cycle robots.

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