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Basic Flizz®

Typical industrial sectors and applications:
waste-water treatment plants, length scraper, sand trap, grease trap, waste-water treatment, plating facilities, cranes, plant construction, locks


  • Low-maintenance system for travel up to 328 ft
  • Other sizes and versions available, travel up to 656 ft and more with E2 roller e-chains®
  • Protection against weather and dirt exposure - Cost-effective and fully enclosed complete solution
  • Standardized and modular design
  • Simple wall assembly or optional floor mounting
  • Cable lengths up to 50% shorter than festooning, low-profile installation and no cable junction

  • Cables are at all times guided with a defined bending radius, and tensile forces are absorbed by the e-chain®
  • Cables cannot hook, jam, or tear
  • No slip ring contacts (as is the case on motor drums)
  • Cables or hoses can easily be retrofitted at any time
  • Reduce electricity costs - direct drive due to scraper, no additional drives needed (as is the case on motor drums)
  • Scraper arm (e.g. as mechanical connection to the scraper carriage) optionally available - we document the situation on-site and will propose a customised solution

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basic flizz

basic flizz® enclosed total solution

basic flizz

igus® basic flizz® ideal for waste-water treatment plants

basic flizz

Cost-effective, low-maintenance system

basic flizz

Easy assembly (wall assembly or floor assembly), standardised, modular construction


basic flizz

1. Reliable guide: guide rail is integrated in the profile

2. Modular design: easy assembly, compact construction

3. Protected: weather-resistant stainless steel enclosure

4. Fast assembly: opens along the outer radius