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Energy chains - chip-proof up to 1,562°F

Energy tubes that repel hot chips up to 1,562°F

HT tubes

igus® energy tubes have been employed in the chip sector for almost 20 years. Some applications - depending on number, size and temperature of the chips - leave behind scorch and melt marks. The new igus® material igumid HT has put an end to it. Now new potentials open up for the replacement of unmanageable metal energy supply systems.

Product range: All E2 and E4 energy tubes from the standard product range available
RX tube in HT version: Product range for high-temperature RX e-tubes

Industries:Machine tools, casting plants, steel works

igumid HT test results

Test: 20 g of hot chips (392 to 1,562 °F) applied on various materials. The graph shows which chip quantity was burnt-in. Winner: igumid HT up to 1,562° F.

HT graphs Quantity (g) of burnt-in chips depending on the temperature
HT tubes Standard material igumid G: Chips stick, burn in
HT Tubes Novel igumid HT: No sticking chips

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Energy tubes in the oil and chip area