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Assembly Instructions for energy chain System E3

Mounting of the E3 series
Demounting of the E3 series

System E3 - 3-piece energy chain

System E3 Assembly The abbreviation "E3" stands for an energy chain consisting of three basic elements: 1 Chain link body 2 Zipper style opening lids 3 Separator module

Opening / Closing

System E3 Assembly Zipper style opening lids on a band for quick and easy installation - The new energy chain system allows faster assembling times. Opening and closing the energy chain is made by "zipperbars on a thread"

Interior Separation and Strain Relief

System E3 Assembly Vertical separators on a band divide carrier space - Five separators in one thread are simultaneously mounted on the crossbars
System E3 Assembly The universal strain relief can be individually matched to the chain width. You can fix the energy chain on the fixed end with brackets (option)