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Profile roller e-chain®: For very high fill weights and speeds

Over 1,000 systems worldwide are in permanent use with conventional profile-roller e-chains®. Industry, in particular the crane building sector, places increasing demands on travel distances, fill weights, special and high travel speeds whilst operating quietly at the same time. igus® fulfills these requirements with the P4 system. Facilities of this type are designed by our project engineers. We'd be glad to submit an offer. You may talk to us about this.


  • The pitch for chain links with and without rollers is the same
  • The upper run rollers run through the lower run rollers, not overthem, as in previous designs. This avoids undesired bumps
  • Captive roller integrated in side plate
  • Long distances (up to 800 m), high additional loads (up to 30 kg/m)
  • For very long travel distances and high speeds up to 10 m/s travel speed
  • autoglide crossbars ensure safe guidance on very long travel distances
  • Available in 4 inner heights (32, 42, 56, 80 mm)
  • Modular P4 construction kit with shelving from the E4 system
  • Strong reduction of the driving force required for moving the energy chain to below 25%

P4 System - Very quiet running due to same pitch on all chain links. AUTO-GLIDE crossbars ensure safe guidance on very long travel distances

Shop P4 System product range

Series P4-32

Profile roller chain: inner height 1.26" - For very high fill weights and speeds.

Series P4-42

Profile roller chain: inner height 1.65" - For very high fill weights and speeds.

Series P4-56

Profile roller chain: inner height 2.21" - For very high fill weights and speeds.

Series P4-80

Profile roller chain: inner height 3.15" - For very high fill weights and speeds.

Safe, quiet, abrasion-resistant energy supply system on long travel distances - igus® P4 System

The low maintenance igus® P4 system allows a reliable energy supply system to be implemented on long distances up to 800 m for crane equipment or conveyor systems. The top and bottom run roll offset from one another. This means that nothing rolls over the tribo-optimized plastic rollers, but instead they roll on a continuous, wide rolling surface. The comb-like AUTO-GLIDE crossbars and the special trough system reliably guides the P4 e-chain®. Ideal for applications with high travel speeds (up to 10 m/s) and large fill weights (up to 30 kg/m)


Low maintenance roller e-chain system® with tribo-optimized plastic rollers


Comb-like AUTO-GLIDE crossbars


Special design of the rollers and chain links therefore particularly quiet


Top and bottom run roll offset on top of each other


Same pitch on roller/chain links


4 Inner height: 32 mm, 42 mm, 56 mm and 80 mm available


Extension link solution available for even higher fill weights with 56 and 80 mm inner height


Robust steel connection elements available


Special P4 trough system available

Roller extension link for high loads

Available in 2 inner heights (56, 80 mm)

50% higher fill weight possible

Maximum rigidity

Chain cross-section divided into sensible segments (electrics/hydraulics)

Tribo-optimized long-life plastic rollers for all P4 systems

Wear optimized

Long service life

Improved rolling

Lower noise and vibration

Same pitch on roller/chain links

New guide trough system

Special geometry in combination with AUTO-GLIDE cross bars allows for offset upper and lower run

Strong installation kits for long cycle life

Stainless steel trough segments corrosion resistant

Typical industrial sectors and applications

Crane technology (in/outdoor)

Automated storage and retrieval system

Plant construction

Portal robot

Materials-Handling Technology


Steel works

Top and bottom run are offset, therefore continuous rolling surface
Wear chart P4 Y = v m/s
Travel speeds for igus® P4 profile roller e-chains®
Loudness P4 Y = dB(A)
1) 1. Profile roller e-chain from 1999, lab test, v = 2.0 m/s
2)Exterior test, v = 6.0 m/s measurements at 1 m intervals
Pull-Push force - roller chain y = Tensile strength - shearing force in percentage
X1 = travel, X2 = chain length
A = profile-roller e-chains®, B = standard e-chain®. Data: Fill weight 10kg/m