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triflex® R Robotic Cable Carrier Applications

Multi-axis, flexible cable carrier management systems for robots

triflex® R is a multi-axis cable carrier specially developed for sophisticated 6-axis robot applications in harsh industrial environments.

Application examples


Cable Management Systems Do the Robot Multi-axis, three-dimensional cable carriers for palletizing

Automotive industry

triflex® R in complex movements: eleven robots are equipped with the multi-dimensional cable carriers in this application.


triflex® R was used in this cleanroom because of its extremely low wear.

Glass works

triflex® R multi-dimensional cable carriers raises the performance of these robots.

Pharmaceutical industry

triflex® R multi-axis cable carriers improve robot performance in the pharmaceutical industry.

Roof tile factory

Maximum uptime for cables despite extreme conditions in this roof tile factory.

Assembly line

Robots use triflex® R to protect cables in this leading car manufacturer’s assembly line.

Handling system

triflex® R multi-axis cable carriers and chainflex® cables are used on this robot handling system for circuit board handling in a clean room environment.

Automatic screwdriver system

triflex® R with fiber rods and universal assembly kit used in an automatic screwdriver system.

Packaging robot

A triflex® R cable carrier improved the performance of this palletizing robot.

Painting robot

triflex® R is used in this painting robot to enable it to function smoothly in demanding conditions.

More cable carrier application examples

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