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Field services to strengthen your industrial application

The goal of the igus® field services team is to increase the reliability and performance of your energy chain application. To best achieve this, we offer an experienced team of field service technicians and field inspectors to assist with onsite installation, maintenance inspections and much more.

Whether your application is a steel mill, port, or oil rig, igus® will deliver unmatched and continuous support.  Learn more about all of our field services offered below.

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Installation Services

The complete installation of your energy chain system is planned and executed by our team of trained field service technicians. We provide the design, delivery and assembly of your energy chain system from a single source.

With igus® installation services, you will receive:

  • Fast and reliable assembly
  • Complete installation of cables, strain relief and guide trough systems
  • Custom designs to best suit your application
  • Lean processing

Installation Services  
Supervision Services  

Field Supervision

Are you developing your installation and maintenance teams? Experienced igus® field service technicians can help with qualified support and supervision.
We can support your team with:

  • Pre-construction workplans
  • Education on maintaining energy chains
  • Feedback and guidance on installation

Field Inspection

Let us take on the full inspection of your energy chain system. We can assess your system and provide recommendations to extend the service life of your industrial application.
Our field inspection team can:

  • Evaluate the condition of existing energy chains, guide troughs, cables, strain relief systems and any other accessory
  • Check for wear or damaged parts
  • Analyze and report on overall system condition
  • Provide corrective action reports and recommendations for optimization

Field Inspection  

Industrial Maintenance

igus® field service technicians can assist with regular maintenance of your energy chain system. This will maximize the service life of your application and prevent unplanned downtime.
Our field service technicians will:

  • Test the mechanical function of your energy chains, guide troughs and brackets
  • Set or adjust cables, strain relief, connection brackets, glide bars, etc.
  • Remove dirt or other impurities that could affect reliability
  • Determine and respond to any other maintenance needs

Modernization & Retrofitting

Update your outdated technologies with igus® engineered systems. Festoons, busbars or cable reel systems can be replaced with modern and highly reliable e-chains®. This will increase overall service life, reduce costs and energy consumption, and increase safety.

Modernization and retrofitting options include:

  • Upgrading festoons, busbars, cable reels, etc.
  • Upgrading existing e-chains® to newer models or adding new accessories
  • Lengthening or shortening the energy chain’s travel


Application Assistance

For further questions or product information, please contact:

Nick Laraway

Field Engineer - Engineered Systems


Customer Service:

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