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Abrasion-optimized high-speed glide bar

5 times more durable than conventional glide bars

In the case of very fast gliding applications, the glide bars in the super aluminium troughs have been a potential weak point. They wear faster than the more abrasion-resistant chains. For these applications, an abrasion-optimised, injection-moulded glide bar has now been developed. This is much more durable for the same price and will be used in future in all matching trough sizes.

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High-speed glide bar
Tech up

Tech up

  • Five times the abrasion resistance thanks to tribologically optimized material
  • Short individual parts (500mm), easier handling
  • New sizes can now be delivered for aluminum SuperTroughs

Cost down

Cost down

  • Glide bars with longer service life but the same price as the preceding model
  • Significantly lower maintenance cost (previously required glide bar replacement no longer necessary for highly dynamic applications or only after downtimes that are five times as long)
  • Assembly and disassembly much easier, since the length is 0.5m instead of 2m
  • Reduce design-engineering effort with the freely accessible CAD trough configurator



  • Abrasion tests were performed in the igus® laboratory



  • 50% weight savings for the same price

Technical details


The GB.31.500 glide bar has a load-bearing surface of 31mm. It fits on 973.31SL, 974.31.SL, and 975.31.SL troughs and can thus be used with outer chain heights of 64mm, 84mm, and 108mm. It is simply clipped into the aluminium SuperTrough.

High-speed glide bar

Part No.Aluminium SuperTrough

Can be shipped starting in the spring of 2020

Part No.Aluminium SuperTrough

**Introduced 10/2019

High-speed glide bar tests Glide bar service life comparison – high-speed glide bar vs. standard glide bar

Tested high-speed glide bar wear resistance

Comparison tests of real customer applications have shown that, for highly dynamic applications, the new GB.31.500 glide bars exhibit wear that is lower by more than a factor of five.  This reduces glide bar maintenance costs to a minimum. Only when the energy chain has reached its wear limit does the glide bar require inspection. The new glide bar has no direct influence on the service life of the e-chain® itself.

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