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Frank Schlögel (on the right) with Andreas Hermey, Head of Design Dept.
Heavy loads: detailed view of a trough with a chain bending radius,"chainflex®" medium voltage single conductor and glass fiber cable.

Expert for energy chain systems

igus®' range of energy chains includes more than 40,000 different variants. In addition, there are 950 "chainflex®" cables that can be used for chains as well as more than 3,500 electric components available ex stock. "Quite often, however, customer requirements are so specific that we cannot deliver "off the peg"," explains Theo Diehl, Product Manager Energy Chain Systems for Cranes.

This doesn't really present a problem, however, because a highly qualified engineering team at the igus® plant in Cologne works on solving such special tasks. "The problem could involve extremely long travel distances, for example, or systems which are subject to extreme soiling, heat or chemical loads," says Team Leader Frank Schlögel. For the engineer, every individual case is a challenge. The igus® motto "Yes we can!" is typical of the company's attitude.

Schlögel and his team have been able to successfully find solutions for apparently unsolvable cases. Cases with travel speeds of up to 480 metres per minute as well as Energy Chain Systems which work in extreme heat or intense cold have all been solved. "One such system is in the container port in Dubai, the other on a railway loading terminal in Siberia," says Schlögel, not without a little pride in his voice. Before delivery, these systems underwent intensive tests in igus' own climate chamber. Converting already existing systems is always tricky. In such cases, the igus® energy chains have to be fitted exactly into already existing systems, which can lead to the specialists travelling around the globe to have a personal look at the problem. When a container port in the US State of Virginia intents to replace its out-of-date festoon solution in one loading terminal by state-of-the-art energy chains, for example. East Asia is also a frequent destination. The igus® special task force is not only flexible, it is quick, too. If necessary, an igus® engineer can arrive almost anywhere in the world within two days, according to igus®' promise.

Engineering example for Ship to shore cranes