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iSET YE | Travels: 6 - 18m

Energy chain system: YE

Complete set includes:
hybrid energy chain, metal mounting bracket, separators

Inner height: 42mm
Travel: 6 - 18m
Inner width. 100 - 125mm
Bend radius: 100mm

Cherry pickers, construction machinery, tow trucks, lifting platforms, telescopic loaders, vertical lifts, articulated telescopic platforms, horizontal drilling rigs, articulated arm systems, drilling and trench wall equipment, work platforms

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Parts list

Example: PACK.YE. | Travel: 6m | Inner width: 100mm | Centre infeed

DesignationExample picturesPart numberQuantity
Chain linkYE. chain links
Metal mounting bracketsYE.422.R100.1.12.A1 set
Separators42.1.13 pieces Every 2nd link | Total number 81 pieces

Features and benefits

The YE system combines the higher strength of steel elements with the low weight and flexibility of plastic components and was developed from the requirements of construction machinery and lifting platforms. The YE system uses no screws, rivets, or bolts that can loosen under vibration.

  • Almost 50% less weight compared to a pure steel chain of comparable size
  • 50% more unsupported length compared to a comparable plastic e-chain
  • High tensile strength
  • No screws, rivets or bolts which can become loose under vibration
  • Easy installation

Suitable chainflex cables

The chainflex cables are unharnessed cables for moving applications in cable guides or for robot applications, with a 36-month guarantee.

  • Largest assortment with 1,354 cable types
  • Fail-safe, with 36-month guarantee
  • From a length of 1m within 24 hrs

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