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drylin® linear bearings test lab & results

In the dry-tech® test lab, self-lubricating drylin® linear plain bearings, linear axes and lead screw modules are thoroughly tested. We conduct tests on our 29,600 sq. ft. facility in order to continuously develop our own products and effectively assess customer applications. Our goal is to offer the best products for every application we come across. We would be happy to test your specific application. Test results are beneficial for all customers, as they are stored in a database and incorporated into the drylin® service life calculator.

Friction and wear tests are conducted to determine the tribological properties of different material combinations. Additionally, we test for functionality, service life, durability and potential failure scenarios.

Test Lab Facts:

  • About 500 tests conducted per year
  • 29,600 sq. ft. test laboratory
  • 52 test rigs
  • Approx. 50 customer tests per year
  • 40 parallel experiments daily

Test Results

dryspin® lead screw test

Upon a customer request, the motion plastics® specialist igus compared dryspin® lead screws with two competitive products with identical high helix thread dimensions. Both in a wear test and an efficiency test, the products intended for rail technology were tested for 100,000, 200,000, 400,000 and 630,000 cycles.

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drylin® SAW linear actuator test

In its in-house test laboratory, the Cologne motion plastics® specialist compared its cost-effective and completely self-lubricating drylin® SAW linear units with a competitor's product in a test of wear and functional performance. The nut of the competitor's rail broke after only 8,040 cycles. The drylin® SAW unit, in contrast, continued functioning perfectly even after more than 90,000 cycles at four times the speed.

drylin® SAW linear units

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