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EC.PP trough-integrated path measurement system

Provides EC.PR position data

Transmitters (beacons) are installed at 50 cm intervals on the outer guide trough side links and connected by cable. They transmit their positions to a single antenna fixed to the floating moving end. The system uses the relative position of the beacon to the antenna and the transmitted position to calculate the trolley position and sends it via Profinet to the customer control system as information for the EC. PR push/pull force monitoring system and for precise crane trolley positioning. The repeatability envisioned is indicated to be +/-5mm!

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iSense EC.PP

Tech up with igus news

Tech up

  • Path measurement system for connection to the position-dependent push/pull measuring system EC. P
  • The customer can use this as a primary trolley positioning system, eliminating the necessity of a second measurement system.
  • Beacons transmit position information to the moving antenna, eliminating the necessity of any additional rotation monitor.
  • Repeat accuracy: +/-5mm
  • Transmission of position data to customer PLC control via Profinet

Cost down with igus news

Cost down

  • Average of four man-days of installation time saved because the second measurement system is eliminated1

Evidence from igus news


  • Beta test at BTG (well-know manufacturer of crane positioning systems)
  • Q2 2020 Test set-up at 200-m field test facility in the igus® laboratory for dynamic energy transmission systems, the world's largest 

Recycling with igus news


  • The installation time saved allows earlier decommissioning of uneconomical technologies
  • To recycle the integrated energy chain through the igus chainge programme free of charge
  • More about the igus® contribution to Plastic2Oil

Potential application areas

We have developed iglidur EC.PP for this purpose

  • Ship-to-shore cranes, especially in automatic mode
  • Bulk material handling
  • Stacker reclaimer
  • Applications in heavy industry such as steelworks
Availability: First BETA test projects Q2 2020 – regular sales mid-Q3 2020. 

Sample: available starting in Q3 2020

isense EC.PP positioning information directly in the e-chain system®

1 E-mail of 9/4/2020 from the CEO of a well-known manufacturer of position measuring systems on crane systems

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