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drylin® N 22-40 low-profile linear guide with new solid plastic carriage

Low-profile, lightweight & durable

New low cost drylin N 40mm (width) carriage offers weight reduction (50% over the standard N40 carriage), threaded brass fittings help maintain a low profile (9.5mm), and the tribopolymer iglide J bearing material offers low friction, long lifetime as well as excellent corrosion resistance.

  • Reduced inertia
  • Durable through high-performance polymer iglide® J
  • Maintenance-free due to integrated solid lubricants
  • Connection thread in the carriage
  • Easy assembly


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Tech up with igus news

Tech up

  • Flattest linear carriage for linear guide drylin N installation size 40
  • Thread integrated in the linear carriage
  • Suitable linear rails available in silver and black, with or without holes

Cost down with igus news

Cost down

  • cost-effective production in injection moulding
  • Simple assembly due to fixed and floating bearing carriages
  • Quick and easy installation without instructions
  • Storage also possible as bulk material

Evidence from igus news


  • Service life can be calculated online
  • Long service life through high-performance polymer iglide® J
  • High corrosion resistance through linear rails with clear anodised coating

Recycling with igus news


  • Very light due to 2/3rd weight saving compared to standard carriages
  • Emission reduction through very quiet operation and low mass inertia

Nominal width 22-40

We have developed the solid plastic carriage for this purpose

The nominal width 22-40 is intended for use in the smallest installation spaces, or when every gram of weight saving counts.
Due to the easily exchangeable design, the nominal width 22-40 can be easily exchanged or installed even in very narrow installation spaces.
The advantage of not requiring any lubricants means that one work step is eliminated.
The nominal width 22-40 will be able to flex its polymer muscles especially in furniture construction, the aircraft interior industry, laboratory automation and testing and inspection equipment.

Nominal width 22-40 solid polymer carriage from igus

Solid polymer carriage nominal width 22-40 from igus

9.5 mm installation height

Solid polymer carriage nominal width 22-40 from igus

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