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CD/DVD production

Plastic rod end bearings

High demands

A manufacturer of equipment producing Blu-ray discs and CDs/DVDs uses igubal rod end bearings in the coating module of its machine. During a bench test performed by the company, the rod ends operated for more than 95-million cycles without any maintenance issues. The bearings’ lightweight, space-saving design was also a big advantage.

The cycle time to manufacture one CD-Rom was about 4 seconds for years. Today, this cycle time is just 1.6 seconds. This has increased productivity by 250%. The plant is in operation round the clock, 365 days a year, which equates to 17.5 to 20 million individual cycles per year. Inevitably, high demands are imposed on machinery components.

Rod end bearings used in CD / DVD production The rod end bearings (pictured) are wear resistant and maintenance-free.

Limitless applications

The igubal® bearings exhibit excellent vibration-dampening properties and are completely dry running. They are insensitive to dirt, can operate in liquids and even chemicals and are completely resistant to corrosion. For this reason, the potential applications for these polymer spherical bearings are almost limitless. They range from the automotive industry, to packaging, to bottling plants.

Polymer spherical bearings Polymer spherical bearings in a packaging machine

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