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Plastic bushings oscillate and pivot in facade design

Adjustable facade for automotive service center

Plastics for longer life®

iglide® plastic bushings were originally developed for machine-and-plant construction, but they also offer significant advantages to the structural-engineering sector.

They are lubrication- and maintenance-free, insensitive to dirt and corrosion resistant. They also offer a constant coefficient of friction in long-term applications, even when subjected to high loads.

Besides the technical advantages, plastic bushings are more economically viable: they are considerably cheaper than traditional metallic roller bearings.

iglide® G300 plastic bushings were used in the construction of this facade for an automotive shop, because it oscillates and pivots at low to medium speeds. Plastic bushings made from the G300 material can also withstand extremely high loads and adverse environmental conditions.

A total of 7,300 iglide® G300 plastic bushings are used in the 63 supporting posts of the facade. Since they were installed, they have provided problem-free, secure and reliable movement for the outer facade.

Plastic bushings in glass facade Side view of the glass facade: continuously adjustable to an aperture angle of 80°.

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