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iglide® i3000-PR, 3D printing resin

  • Enormously wear-resistant: at least 30 to 60 times longer service life compared to conventional 3D printing resins
  • Self-lubricating and low maintenance
  • High level of detail: resolution up to 35 μm
  • Gears with finest tooth module of 0.2 possible
  • Inner channels possible
Product description
First DLP 3D printing resin for wear parts and gears: iglide® i3000-PR

The iglide i3000 3D printing resin is suitable for processing on DLP and LCD printers and was specifically developed for the 3D printing of gears and wear parts. With a service life at least 30 to 60 times higher than conventional 3D printing resins, iglide i3000 is suitable for any kind of wear application. Due to the high resolution of up to 35 μm, very filigree components with finest details can be printed. The mechanical properties are largely isotropic due to the photopolymerisation process.

Processing note: As skin contact with the liquid resin must be avoided, personal protective equipment is mandatory during processing.

When to use it?
  • If components with fine structures or tighter tolerances are to be manufactured that are not possible using extrusion or sintering processes.
  • If the component has complex structures such as internal channels that are difficult or impossible to rework
  • If a dedicated 3D printing infrastructure for resin exists
When not to use it?
  • When the application requires a food-safe material
  • For high application temperatures above 100° C
Technical data

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