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robolink® Modular Robotic Components Kit

General product information
Plastic technology specialist igus® now offers robot developers and laboratories a light, maintenance-free and corrosion-free series connection of joints. For example, humanoid systems, general lightweight construction, handling/automation, as well as photo/film tripods. The plastic joints can freely rotate and pivot (draw wire technology, 4 ropes per joint). By means of the aluminum/carbon fiber/plastic articulated arms, the pneumatic lines, hydraulic lines and all data cables are installed in a functionally reliable way to control the sensors and sensory organs.
No expensive milling, no cutting, no tinkering, no hassles – everything made to measure from one source!
  • Moving masses are kept as low as possible
  • The actuators (motors, pneumatic and hydraulic systems) and control module (data processing, PC) are decoupled from the movement function and from the tools.
All heavy components can now be bundled centrally and only the light plastic frame part is moved.!
Thereby the individual degrees of freedom can be separately controlled.


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robolink® D robotic joint installation size 20, gear version
These versions do not have a slewing ring bearing (PRT) and are a low-cost alternative to our robolink® D joints. Replaceable coupling components can be used to adapt different shaft diameters on the output side.
  • Light-weight
  • Cost-effective

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5th axis for robolink® RL-DC with RL-S-17 strain wave gear adaptable to robolink® RL-D-20
  • Rotation axis with igus® stepper motor NEMA11 and encoder
  • Direct screw connection to the RL-S-17 strain wave gear
  • The output disc has an INI switch for zero point definition
  • The motor-gearbox unit is directly connected to the robolink® RL-D-20-101-38-01000 standard joint by means of an adapter plate (4th axis in the modular articulated arm, "large" and "small version")
  • Cables (motor, encoder and initiator cables) are placed inside the energy chain® of the joint
  • Output encoder optional

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