3D printing service for wear-resistant parts made of high-performance plastics

Get your 3D-printed component in two easy steps and your individual price on the spot

We print your individual component, using lubrication-free, abrasion-resistant iglide® high-performance plastics.
Upload your drawing in the STEP (STP) format, check the 360° view and select a filament. We ship your distinct product - depending on its complexity - from 24 hours.


A strong alternative to machined and injection-molded parts

3D printing materials by igus® are resilient and composed of wear-resistant iglide® high-performance plastics. These are specifically designed for moving applications and guarantee a long service life.

igus® 3D printing service: simple, fast & cost effective

3D printing service  

Simply drag and drop your drawing as a STP file into the configurator and check the 360° view.

3D printing service  

Select your required amount, choose a filament and see your individual price immediately.

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