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triflex® TRE

Easy robotic cable carrier design for quick insertion of cables

triflex® R TRE is a multi-axis cable carrier that allows for easy cable installation which can cut assembly times by up to 75%. Designed with an “easy” opening mechanism, cables and hoses can simply be pressed into the chain’s interior with your thumb. Despite its design, the TRE is still able to absorb high tensile forces that have a tensile rating of up to 225 lbs. due to a special trailer mechanism inside. Quick and easy assembly, combined with a defined bending radius that can handle high tensile forces, triflex® R TRE is ideal for applications with tight twisting and torsional movements.

  • Most common style
  • Easy fill – fast cable installation and removal
  • Reduces time to change cables by 75%
  • High strength due to external stop-dogs
  • Two chambers for cable separation

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Inner height Bi 1: 12 mm
Inner height Bi 2: 10 mm
Bending radius R: 50 mm
Pitch: 11.3 mm

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Inner height Bi 1: 15 mm
Inner height Bi 2: 13 mm
Bending radius R: 58 mm
Pitch: 13.9 mm

Shop triflex TRE-40-B


Inner height Bi 1: 18.8 mm
Inner height Bi 2: 16.2 mm
Bend radius R: 80 mm
Pitch: 17.4 mm

Shop triflex TRE-50-B


Inner height Bi 1: 22.5 mm
Inner height Bi 2: 19.5 mm
Bending radius R: 87 mm
Pitch: 20.4 mm

Shop triflex TRE-60-B


Inner height Bi 1: 28 mm
Inner height Bi 2: 24 mm
Bending radius R: 110 mm
Pitch: 25.6 mm

Shop triflex TRE-70-B


Inner height Bi 1: 33 mm
Inner height Bi 2: 28 mm
Bending radius R: 135 mm
Pitch: 30.6 mm

Shop triflex TRE-85-B


Inner height Bi 1: 37.5 mm
Inner height Bi 2: 32.5 mm
Bending radius R: 145 mm
Pitch: 34.5 mm

Shop triflex TRE-100-B


Inner height Bi 1: 43.3 mm
Inner height Bi 2: 43.3 mm
Bending radius R: 182 mm
Pitch: 44.6 mm

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triflex® R TRE

Instructions for the joining, separating and filling of the triflex® R - TRE-B version.

triflex® R TRE B-Version assembly

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