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triflex® R cable retraction systems for multi-axis robots

triflex® R cable retraction systems guide the cable carrier to prevent loops in the robot’s work area. igus® offers a pneumatic retraction system with a continuously adjusting retraction force for the TRC, TRE and TRCF series; a space-saving modular retraction system for the TRC and TRE series; a linear retraction system for the TRC, TRE and TRCF series that’s made for welding, riveting and assembly robots; and a cost-effective retraction system for the TRC and TRE series that’s made for robots with small to medium load capacities.


  • Guides carriers to prevent loops in robot's path
  • Linear system for welding, riveting, nailing robots
  • Wheel system for small robots to prevent loops
  • Pneumatic system to avoid loops on robots' wrist
  • Compact, modular system for industrial robots
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RSE Linear

triflex RSE linear

Retraction system for welding, riveting & nailing robots

  • Available in all sizes 60-125mm, can be mounted on one system
  • Shorter cable lengths, because there is no deflection
  • Cost-effective, space-saving design
  • Less deflection points, greater process reliability for laser light cables and supply hoses

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RSE Wheel

RSE wheel

Retraction system for small robots to prevent loops

  • Responds extremely quickly, even with highly dynamic robot programs
  • Low load on robot, no affect on handling capacity
  • Universally adjustable assembly consoles
  • Self-lubricating drylin® W linear guide
  • For max DoF, cable diameters up to 15mm

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Pneumatic retraction system avoids loops on robot’s wrist

  • Larger carriers guided safely up to ø 125 mm
  • Adjustable, variable pull-back force made possible by a pressure control valve
  • Virtually constant power flow over the complete travel, even with heavy fillings.
  • Limit position can be monitored, therefore avoiding significant damage during failures.
  • Larger pull-back forces for RS system

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Compact, modular system for all industrial robot motions

  • Installation advantages: triflex® R can be extended or shortened, chain link by chain link
  • Easy to fill from the outside (TRE)
  • Fixed bending radius stop to prevent "cable stress"
  • High torsionability, up to 360° (TRC.70)
  • Free from getting stuck in the interfering edges (TRC)
  • High tensile strength with ball-socket connection
  • Maintenance-free, self-lubricating, no guide required

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