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triflex® TRL

The easy alternative with "easy" design

triflex® R TRL is a lightweight and cost-effective cable carrier designed specifically for passive cable management applications, such as managing cables at axis 2. Thanks to an easily-openable design, cables and hoses can simply be pressed into the chain, cutting assembly times by up to 75%. triflex® R TRL should not be used for dynamic applications.


  • Easy fill – fast cable installation and removal
  • Economical option for less demanding applications
  • Easy assembly and disassembly
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Not recommended for axis 3-6

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Shop triflex® TRL fully closed cable carriers:


Inner height Bi 1: 12 mm
Inner height Bi 2: 10 mm
Bending radii R: 50 mm
Pitch: 11.3 mm

Buy triflex TRL-30


Inner height Bi 1: 15 mm
Bending radius R: 58 mm
Pitch: 13.9 mm

Buy triflex TRL-40


Inner height Bi 1: 23 mm.
Bending radius R: 87 mm.
Pitch: 20.4 mm



Inner height Bi 1: 28 mm
Bending radius R: 110 mm
Pitch: 25.6 mm



Inner height Bi 1: 38 mm
Bending radius R: 145 mm
Pitch: 34.5 mm

Buy TRL-100

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