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Cable carriers for indoor cranes

This elaborate roof construction is an example of how energy chain cable carriers can be used in special designs.

Retractable pool roof

A retractable 131 ft (40 m) x 131 ft (40 m) roof for an indoor/outdoor swimming pool is operated via 25 chainflex® continuous-flex cables inside an energy chain cable carrier.

Thanks to this design, about 328 ft (100 m) of cable was saved and the overall weight of the roof was reduced. A cable carrier system also had to be used because of the limited installation space available: 3.28 ft (1 m).

The harsh environmental conditions have not posed a problem for the maintenance-free roof structure for several years.

igus® E2 type series Cable carrier for crane used in indoor/outdoor environment

Aluminum guide trough

In spite of the sophisticated technology, the cable carrier system is the most aesthetically suitable solution which also copes well with the adverse conditions.

The environmental conditions for the indoor/outdoor pool are harsh: the water is treated with an oxygen-chlorine mix which is evaporated into the air in which the cable carrier is working. To counter the threat of corrosion, an aluminum guide trough was selected for the cable carriers.

System E2 (series 250 and 350/3500) energy chain cable carriers were used.

The semi-finished crane structure, with an igus® cable carrier The semi-finished crane structure, with an igus® cable carrier from the E2/000 range

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