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energy chain cable carrier application examples

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We focus on developing innovative plastic machine components which reduce your maintenance requirements, improve your technology - all while reducing costs and increasing the service life of your application.

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E-Z Chain® applications

E-Z Chain® has a flexible opening along its length through which cables and hoses can be pushed, saving installation time.

Zipper Chain applications

Zipper-style cable carriers have a "zipper" which drastically shortens installation time by unzipping all the lids in one go.

E2 Micro applications

E2 micro energy chain cable carriers are small, lightweight, one-piece cable carriers for highly dynamic applications.

E2 Mini applications

E2 Mini cable carriers are ideal for highly dynamic applications.

E2/000 applications

E2/000 energy chains offer easy assembly combined with a rugged construction and low-noise operation.

E2 Tube applications

Energy Tubes are suitable for work areas subject to hot chips, dirt and dust.

E4/100 applications

E4/100 is is a reliable choice for most applications.

E4/4 applications

System E4/4 cable carriers can be used for extremely long travels and for unsupported, side-mounted applications.

E4/light applications

E4/light cable carriers have smaller side links and thinner crossbars.

E6 applications

System E6 cable carriers are wear resistant and extremely low noise.

triflex® R applications

triflex® R is a multi-axis cable carrier specially developed for sophisticated 6-axis robot applications in harsh industrial environments.

triflex® applications

The triflex® series was developed to safely guide cables through three dimensional movements.

twisterchain applications

twisterchain cable carriers guide and protect cables moving in a circular motion.

Rol-e-chain® applications

Rol-e-chain® was developed to extend the technical limits of cable carriers so that even longer travels could be reached at faster speeds.

RX Tube applications

Chip-proof RX tubes are the next generation of enclosed cable carriers - and they are almost 100% airtight.

Micro flizz® applications

One compact system for the secure guidance of power, data and air.

chainflex® applications

chainflex® continuous-flex cables in various industries and applications.

readychain® applications

Some examples of successful applications using readychain® systems.

e-chain® cable carriers

e-chain® cable carriers