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Heavy plastics - applications in power stations

40 years' experience

igus® is a specialist in the area of plastic research and can look back on 40 years of experience here. Specially developed high-performance plastics enable the use of igus® e-chain systems® in almost all application areas. Damp, dirt, chips, heat, cold, we have the solution for every requirement and do not use any steel or other metals in our e-chain® materials. In an increasing number of heavy duty areas, steel systems are being successfully replaced by igus® plastic e-chains® due to their exceptional suitability.

State your requirements and we fulfil them:


Cost-efficient, modular design

Long life at minimum maintenance costs

Resistance against dirt, chemicals and high temperatures

Proven, tested material with igus® system guarantee

Low weight with high stability

TÜV certified

That is only a few points that we consider when selecting and designing your "heavy-duty system". See all the things for yourself that are possible in the heavy-duty area with igus® - plastics for longer life®.

More examples for difficult and extreme applications

Norway. Upright application for Aker Kværner Maritime Hydraulics AS.
Pre-assembled for the semi-submersible platform West Edrill.

Germany. Decommissioning Karlsruhe research reactor. The dismantling of a nuclear power plant with a zigzag chain.

Czech Republic. Lhoist a.s. modular principle steel construction in lime works.

Czech Republic. Enclosed e-chain system® directly on coal conveyor.

Czech Republic. Porici company CEZ a.s. power supply for coal transportation.

Czech Republic. Ventilation machine in underground storage facility of a power station.

Midland Bricks in Australia is the largest brick manufacturer in the world! Three e-chains® have been in operation round the clock since 2003 and still look the same as on the first day.

Maanshan steel and ironworks: High temperatures, large loads, a lot of dust and high speed.

voestalpine Stahl Donawitz: High level of dirt during descaling of the rails to be milled.

aluminum works

Slovakia, aluminum works. Error-free operation for 9 years. Distance 203 ft, speed 0,98 ft/s.

Czech Republic. Ventilation machine in lime works.


Germany. BASF in Ludwigshafen, scraper for fertilizer, since 1998, e-chain®: 4040-32-250-0

Austria, Niklasdorf, ABV, district heating plant


RTG in India, distance: 72 ft, e-chain®: 5050-30-550-0, customer: Kalmar, for ATM

Plaster dust


Quayside crane with igus® e-chain systems®. Long distances up to 2,625 ft are possible.

Norway: e-chain® with chainflex® in a truck wash. In contact daily with street dust and mud. chainflex® cables perform exceedingly well.

Shagang, steel and ironworks in China. High temperatures, high speeds, heavy dust.

Czech Republic. CEZ a.s. modular system for supplying power to a coal excavator.

Long distance in a bulk goods storage facility

Crane builder

Crane builder Noell in Panama. Application: RTG; distance: 64 ft; up to 197 ft/min.

Czech Republic. Shipyard Kresice-Loubi; refuelling point for cargo ships.

Compost mud

Meishan steel and iron works, Nanjing in China. Crane, heavy dust, high tempo.