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energy chain® for unsupported travel up to 164 feet

Tests under real conditions in the Basque region

energy chain for unsupported travel up to 164 feet

The success story of a now world-renowned manufacturer of horizontally lathes began 52 years ago. The Spanish machine manufacturer Tornos Gurutzpe S.A., based in Guipúzcoa, has delivered well over 5,000 machines in half a century. Its latest horizontal turning machine, the "A-2000 4G CNC", is a new energy chain solution equipped for unsupported long travel in the chip area. Buyers of lathes all over the world place great value on 3 things: Reliability, rigidity and efficiency.

The customers of Tornos Gurutzpe S.A. are located especially in Europe, the USA, India and in the oil producing countries and include manufacturers of turbine parts for power plants, drill pipes for oil production, laminated cylinders and hydraulic cylinders. The best-known customers include suppliers of the Spanish oil company Repsol, and also the railroad companies SNCF (France) and RENFE (Spain), as well as elevator companies such as ThyssenKrupp Elevators and the U.S. company Halliburton.

Turning machines on every continent

About 30 machines leave the Gurutzpe factory each year. The philosophy of Gurutzpe is based on the stability of each component. "Even decades-old machines made by us are still operated by our customers," says Sales Manager Oscar Anitua. An initial model of the new horizontal turning machine "A-2000 4G CNC", which was now delivered to a customer in the wind energy sector, is equipped with two double-running "Guidelok" energy chains. The two counter-running unsupported energy chains are connected with the carriage over a length of 44.3 ft.

Modern and more resistant plastic instead of heavy steel

Joaquín Orbegozo, head of electrical engineering at Gurutzpe, is convinced of the advantages of the horizontal guide "Guidelok". "The energy chain is rugged, rigid and reliable." The machine manufacturer also explains this to his customers. "Sometimes one says, I would have liked this or that machine - but with a metallic energy chain." Then Joaquín Orbegozo harps on the lighter but highly stable plastic energy chain, demonstrating that it easily tolerates even the weight of a grown-up man. When another customer has a concern that during the machining the metal hot chips could eat through the plastic, he takes the soldering iron and puts it on the energy chain there and then. "At least when customers see that this cannot damage the energy chain, they are convinced," says the electrical engineer.

"Guidelok" horizontal upper run guide Novel energy chain: The horizontal upper run guide "Guidelok". For long unsupported travels up to 164 ft in the chip area. Nothing can settle between the gliding surfaces of the upper and lower runs.

"Plastic energy chains have many advantages compared to metallic models," said Matthias Meier, CEO of igus® S. L. "Steel is expensive, much too heavy and also begins to rust eventually. " Plastic energy chains are also faster and easier to mount," says Meier, thereby saving the customer time and money.

Guidelok guide Guided in a light aluminum trough channel, the energy chain runs in the radius past the pivoting roll holders, pivots in and out again after the radius, then the upper run settles again on the holders.

The Gurutzpe philosophy: Prismatic guides

Gurutzpe, the turning machine manufacturer, has specialized in special solutions for customers, often with specific requirements. At present only two manufacturers worldwide offer prismatic turning machines. Furthermore, Gurutzpe also makes four-guide machines which allow very flexible applications. These are generally equipped with fixed or hydraulic steady rests and other accessories of the last generation. The market demand increasingly tends to be for very large and long turning machines. "Gurutzpe has already built turning machines of this type with a length of 65.6 feet. There aren't really any limits," says Sales Manager Oscar Anitua. As regards the important issue of energy supply, these distances can be easily implemented with the "Guidelok" energy chain system. "If we choose the double-running option," adds Matthias Meier, "it also has the advantage that twice the amount of cables or wires can be accommodated."

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