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Zipper Chain Cable Carrier Applications

Fast opening cable carrier solution

Zipper cable carriers are designed to be opened and closed ultra fast. The "zipper" function drastically shortens installation time by unzipping all the lids in one go. The cable carrier is also suitable for high accelerations.

Typical applications include:

  • Automatic insertion machines
  • Semiconductor devices
  • Linear motors
  • Handling systems
  • Measuring devices
  • Machine tools

(Click photos to enlarge)

cable carrier -zipper chain in x/y travel Zipper chains in an X/Y travel. Acceleration = 328 ft/s2
cable carriers Zipper chain cable carrier in an automatic insertion machine. Extremely low noise. Acceleration = 328 ft/s2
cable carrier on machine Cable Carrier - Zipper Chain- on a special purpose machine.
Cable carriers side-by-side Zipper chain cable carriers used in an extremely dirty environment.

Cable carrier applications

energy chain application examples by industry and cable carrier design.