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Pre-assembled cable carrier system for automated machinery

In examples from the meat processing industry, a specialist in pharmaceutical automation, as well as an automatic raw material feeder system, the advantages of pre-assembled cable carrier systems are evident.

Food industry

One company has been using igus® cable carrier systems with great success in its storage and handling technology products in the meat-processing industry. The readychain® cable carrier system has been installed in storage-and-retrieval units for high-bay warehouses for some time now. Cable carrier pre-assembly minimizes the potential for error with assembly and installation.

Initially, there was skepticism about whether or not to pre-assemble, due to the numerous cables involved. Today, installation times of three days have been reduced to just four hours and the risk of downtime at the plant is greatly minimized.

Wide experience in the narrowest spaces

One company specializes in pharmaceutical automation. Its systems for handling medicines must be extremely compact. With high-performance, ready-assembled cable carrier systems, igus® minimizes installation expenses.

Daily, about 600 to 2,000 infeed and outfeed procedures handle an average of 19,000 products, at speeds of 13.1 ft/s, accelerations of 8.2 ft/s², and travels up to 42.7 ft. To keep handling straightforward and to create space for the medicines, the compact modular system and narrow bending radii are ideal. readychain® performs almost a million cycles per year in this application.

Modular concept for more growth

Processing sensitive bulk materials in hygienic conditions requires much experience. To meet the high demands on all plant components, one company only buys from who they consider to be the market leaders. The company also strives to optimize quality and minimize costs.

In the beginning, cables from different suppliers could not cope with the loads, resulting in core breakages and "corkscrewing". For this reason, ready-assembled cable carrier systems from igus® were implemented and are still used with great success today.

As an export-oriented concern, the cables’ UL certification was of additional importance. Applications in electrified areas can also be implemented thanks to ESD-certified cable carrier made from a special material. To save space in plant construction, the company makes use of the small bending radii of the cable carrier systems.

Cost savings have arisen from having a fixed delivery date, avoiding storage costs, and saving time spent installing cables in-house. Today, the ready-harnessed cable carrier systems are delivered promptly and directly to the installation site. igus® also offers on-site support if needed.

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