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Energy and data supply in a hanging buckling arm robot through
Triflex® R:

CTC-GmbH is an Airbus subsidiary and works in the area of production development for CRP processing. They develop special procedures to reliably produce even load-bearing parts of the aircraft structure with the help of state-of-the-art carbon fiber technology as an alternative to milled metal parts and thereby enable the aircraft designer to save weight.

The application required the use of a KUKA 125 - 2 buckling arm robot, whose tool had to be supplied with energy and data to fulfill its tasks. With its e-chain® and Triflex® R range, igus® was able to supply a complete solution for several tasks in the hanging robot:


In the linear stroke of axis 7 with a travel distance of 5 m, an e-chain® of the E4/4 family is used.


The circular motion of axis 1 with a rotation angle of 380° was also solved with an e-chain® of the E4/4 family.


The energy supply of the three-dimensional axes 2 to 6 in the hanging robot were provided from the Triflex® R range.

Scara robot
Scara robot

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