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manus® plastic plain bearing competition entries

Plastic bearings have made huge leaps forward in the last two decades. Today, they solve problems by uniting two extremes: technical innovation and cost reduction. The manus® contest awards bold applications with plastic bearings, distinguished by technical and economic efficiency and creativity.

You can read some of the entries from manus® competitions held in previous years below.

Helicopter parts testing

Water-proof iglide® H370 plastic bushings are used on robot test heads subject to harsh washdowns.


iglide® G300 plastic bushings, drylin® N linear slides and igubal® rod ends are used in this inspection device for an offshore drilling riser.

Light aircraft

iglide® plastic bushings were used in this aircraft design and have been proven in over 400 flying hours to date.

Packaging machine handle dispenser

iglide® and igubal® plastic bearings are used on the application head of this handle dispenser on a packaging machine.

Robotic end-effector

drylin® T is used for its low weight in this tile-handling machine

Circular saw

drylin® R linear bearings perform well in the aggressive cutting environment of this circular saw.

Bottling machine

iglide® plastic bushings are used for their low friction and dry operation in this pneumatic lifting device for an aseptic filling machine.

Workplace for the handicapped

Adjustable tables for the disabled

Bottle packaging

DryLin® N linear slides are ideal for this bottle packaging machine

Artificial knee joint

iglide® L280 and iglide® Q plastic bushings improve an artificial knee joint.

All electric Porsche Speedster

Spherical bearings and pillow blocks are used in this electrically driven Porsche Speedster

Concrete pipe cutter

drylin® R linear bearings have run oil-free for over three years in this heavy duty concrete pipe cutter

Elevator lift

drylin® aluminum shafting is used in this residential elevator lift for its near silent operation

Scissor-lift table

iglide® Z and L280 are used in this scissor-lift table mechanism, because they are low wear and can withstand the loads involved.

Handling device

drylin® linear slides offer higher accelerations and lower inertia than ball bearings, making them ideal for high-speed handling equipment

Locomotive steam pump

iglide® T500 plastic bushings were used on this new-design pump for steam locomotives due to their temperature and humidity resistance.

Folding bike

iglide® plastic bushings were used on this folding bike due to being maintenance-free and resistant to dirt.

ATM machine

drylin® N is used on this ATM machine due to its low-cost durability and maintenance-free operation

Manufacturing test stand

Toothbrush testing machine runs with exceptionally low noise thanks to drylin® T linear guides

Bottle capping machine

Its clean, oil-free operation makes drylin® R linear bearings an ideal choice for the food and packaging industry

Guard for Die Cast machine

Compact drylin® W helps guide the sliding doors on this die-cast machine

Flow distributor

igubal® plastic self-aligning bearings (including clevis joints) are used here because they are corrosion and water resistant, lubrication-free and low cost

Convertible top

iglide® P plastic bushings were used in the drive system of this convertible top because of their excellent wear behavior.

Lab machinery

Low-profile drylin® N is used in this micro-diascope

Aerospace industry

iglide® H plastic bushings in steel brake flaps designed to hold a jet engine in the event of brake malfunction at maximum thrust.

Bagging machine

igubal® rod end bearings and clevis joints used in bagging machines for caustic soda

Rotary sorter

Automated rotary package sorter uses igubal® flange bearings.

Body scanner

drylin® used in the measuring and recording of medical scans

Powder coating-

Dip pre-treatment facility for a powder-coating plant

Office chair

A special-design iglide® bushing helps this swivel office chair automatically adjust to the weight of the user.

Resuscitation equipment

Over 30 maintenance-free, lightweight iglide® plain bearings are used in this resuscitation equipment.

Circuit board pick and place

Insertion head for circuit board pick and place machine uses drylin® R liners

Industrial scooter for factories

iglide® plastic bushings were used in this industrial scooter because they were lower cost than steel alternatives.

Handling device

Profile rail guides enhance technical performance of handling device

Tool presetting device

drylin® W linear guides help keep CNC machine accurate, lightweight and flexible

Rotor head

Lightweight and maintenance-free iglide® G300 plastic bushings are used in the rotor head of this ultra-light gyrocopter.

Beverage-can emptying device

iglide® plastic bushings were used in this beverage-can emptying device, because of their low profile.

Industrial remote-controlled vehicle

An iglide® slewing ring bearing is used in this radio remote-controlled vehicle, used in the event of a chemical accident.

Rotating machine tool

This rotating machine tool for furniture production uses drylin® linear guides.

Banknote processing equipment

igubal® self-aligning bearings combine with a ball and socket joint to enable locking mechanism of currency counter to function.

Home entertainment systems

drylin® is used for its low cost, low weight, and quiet operation on TV screen cover-up.

3-axis tripod for welding gun

igubal® spherical bearings are used in a welding gun for their low cost and ability to resist dirt

Bicycle shock absorber

New bike shocks use plain bearings for their low wear rates, light weight, flexibility and to reduce costs

Prosthetic limb

iglide® Z was used in this unique prosthetic limb designed to absorb shocks and impacts.

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