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iglide K250 clip bearings

Plain Bearings for E-Coating Processes

Save costs and weight: the new iglide® K250 plain bearings, specifically constructed for sheet metals that have to be painted in immersion processes

Due to their shape, the new iglide® K250 clip bearings can be easily clipped into sheet metals without getting lost. Thanks to its temperature resistance, the new material recipe also allows for absolute dimensional stability beyond the e-coating process.

Tech up

Tech up

  • High temperature resistance
  • Suitable for cathodic dip/e-coating 
  • Dimensionally stable

Cost down

Cost down

  • Easy installation process
  • Maintenance-free



  • Clip bearings are already being used a million times, e.g. in the automotive industry, and provide the highest level of comfort in seats, among other things.



  • Environmentally friendly, because no external lubricants are required.
  • Good coefficient of wear and therefore long service life
  • Lighter than metallic bearings

Car seat with iglidur® plain bearings for e-coating processes

Challenges in real life: from rattling to squeaking seats

We have developed the iglidur K250 clip bearings for this purpose.

A challenge that automotive manufacturers face: cost pressure, mass production and increasing demands regarding quality and feel have to be brought in line. They have to produce elegant surfaces as cost-effectively as possible and realize clear lines and shapes. At the same time, moving parts should work without any sort of rattling (i.e. bearing clearance) and squeaking. In other words: the perfect user experience. This applies not only to vehicles, but also to kitchen devices or furniture.
One problem: the manufacturing processes often set additional requirements for the plain bearings. A mixture of bad installation tolerances in stamped sheet metals, high assembly forces as well as hot temperatures and aggressive chemicals during painting in immersion baths will break any metal plain bearing. Either the outer steel base layer rusts or the sensitive PTFE sliding film is damaged. The result: rattling and squeaking.

What are iglide® materials made of?

All iglide® materials consist of three components: base polymers, fibres and fillers, solid lubricants, whereby the bearings made of iglide® materials are maintenance-free and lubrication-free. As it is not possible for one universal material to fulfil all tasks equally well, there are different iglide® materials. Each has a different composition of the three components and a different application area.

Base polymers

iglidur base polymers

The base polymers are responsible for the iglide® materials' wear resistance. They ensure that the lubricants are not subjected to a surface pressure that is too high.  

Fibers and fillers

iglidur base polymers with fibres

These components strengthen the materials so that they withstand high forces or edge loads and can be used continuously.  

Solid lubricants

iglidur base polymers with fibres and solid lubricants

They lubricate components made of iglide® materials independently and prevent friction. They are distributed in the entire material in the form of microscopic particles.

Installation in two steps

iglidur Easy Clip assembly

  • Simply press in plain bearings axially
  • Check the correct position of the plain bearing
  • Done! The bearing is now ready for use

Your advantages with iglide® K250 clip bearings

  • No lubrication required
  • Homogenous construction, no sensitive sliding film
  • Locating spigot thanks to clip design
  • Temperature-resistant up to 240°C
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Available from stock in five sizes or designed according to your specifications

iglide® K250 clip bearings for your application

The iglide® K250 clip bearings are not only suitable for seat adjustments in the automotive industry. The flexible and temperature-resistant material can also be used in this form for sheet metal feedthrough in surroundings with high temperatures or generally changing temperature conditions. Due to their low moisture absorption, the mass of the plain bearings barely changes, even when in consistent contact with moisture. The clearance situation in the bearing mostly remains unchanged. Ideal application areas for iglide® K250 clip bearings are all sorts of sheet metal feedthrough in automotive, furniture and household technology or in mechanical engineering

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