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Industry 4.0 - preventive maintenance

Smart plastics increase protection against failure. Intelligent products predict replacement date during ongoing operation and integrate themselves seamlessly into your processes (predictive maintenance).

The igus® isense family of products includes diverse sensors and monitoring modules. During ongoing operation, they detect the degree of wear and emit an alarm as soon as repair or replacement is necessary. Networking by means of the igus® Communication Module (iCOM) enables direct integration into your company-wide infrastructure.

Very different scenarios such as continuous monitoring or automatic triggering of maintenance work are very easy to program. The option of a link-up to the igus data center brings further advantages: individual service life calculation and optimization of your business processes. This includes arranging for someone to do maintenance work or ordering replacement parts, for example.

... smart plastics ... Industry 4.0 ...

Industry 4.0

Your advantages

Reduce maintenance costs

Reduce downtime

Long service life

Improvement of the cycle time

Save time - Faster ascertainment of the causes of anomalies

Reduction of energy consumption

Typical applications:Wherever preventive maintenance is required, e.g. harbor installations, cranes, automotive factories etc.

Industry 4.0

E-Chains®, cables, linear bearings become smartWith its isense (intelligent sensor in or on the product) and iCom (Communication Module) innovations, igus® is introducing three intelligent products for first-time use in industry.

...intelligent E-Chain®


The degree of wear of the intelligent energy chain is continuously monitored by means of an integrated sensor chip. If the amount of abrasion is such that the chain is likely to be damaged, the chip sounds the alarm. Repair or replacement can be planned in good time and downtime's are thus minimized.

...intelligent Chainflex® cable

Chainflex® cables

Additional measuring wires or their degree of conductivity are used to continuously check whether a cable failure is imminent. If the conductivity falls below a defined threshold, a signal is sent immediately and the cable can then be replaced in the framework of scheduled maintenance work without any extra effort or downtime.

...intelligent DryLin® linear technology

DryLin® Linear Guides

A sensor integrated into the plastic of the bearing emits a radio signal when the degree of wear makes failure of a linear guide likely. Replacement of the bearing in good time prevents unforeseen failures and unnecessary costs.

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prototypes from June 2016

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