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dry-tech® solves dirt problems

Dry-running DryLin® linear bearings also run in wood dust!

More and more forest owners, craftsmen, farmers or sawyers know the advantages of the mobile saw mills: The saw arrives on four wheels anytime at any site where the wood is to be processed. Whether it is planks, beams or bars, various model sizes and price classes fulfill every customer requirement. "Today we have over 1000 mobile and stationary units in use worldwide," reports CEO Hans Fritz. Manfred Rosam, director of the design office:
"We want to offer innovations to our customers continuously. First of all, the topic of weight saving plays a great role in our efforts. Here the plastic bearings from igus® naturally play a special role. “
The light but sturdy plastic bearings are used wherever rotary or displacement movements are necessary in sawmills. They replace ball bearings or lubricated steel-on-steel guides. The level compensation makes it particularly suitable for extremely rough use. Here every trunk is individually leveled, the wood clamped and pressed on the support plates. The iglide® J material for the linear guide lamination ensures excellent coefficients of friction. It has been designed especially for linear applications. The drylin® linear guide system is a dry-running system, i.e. it lubricates itself dry and is extremely insensitive to dirt and dust.
"We've been using the linear guide lamination in various saw mills for about six years. They proved their worth from the start," testifies Manfred Rosam.

dry-tech® is light-weight and strong

iglide® plastic absorbs extreme loads and reduces the weight of your application!

There are good reasons for this for the design engineer, the most important of which is lateral stiffness. A plain bearing provides a significantly larger contact surface than a roller bearing. "There is no movement, even at very large loads and significant lateral forces. " declares Marquardt. "The plain bearings are also able to deal very effectively with the high pressure loads that occur at this bearing location. " The pressure is also very effectively distributed across the larger surface area. " igus® supported Bergamont during testing with plain bearings on the rear ball joint. This also involved selecting the ideal plain bearing material. René Achnitz, iglide® Global Product Manager at igus® states, "During the initial trials, we used the all-rounder material iglide® G, but we then realized that iglide® J was better suited. “

For the rear joint and at the rear axle, the bicycle engineers decided to take a different approach by installing plain bearing iglide® polymer bearings which have a much larger contact surface than roller bearings. There is no movement, even at very large loads and significant lateral forces.

dry-tech® is corrosion-resistant and resistant to chemicals

xiros® ball bearings are light-weight and corrosion-resistant!

This precision tester for accurate and rapid measurement of all liquid paint, enamel, oil coatings and adhesives is equipped with a durable and solvent-resistant xiros® B180 polymer ball bearing. The precision tester is ideal for the measurement of thin layers such as printing inks, coil coatings, oils, etc.
Advantages of xiros® polymer ball bearing:

Lubricant free



Low friction


dry-tech® is clean and suited for food contact

igubal® spherical bearings are cost-effective and can attain a long service-life even in food and packaging applications.

This gripper picks up freshly baked goods from a conveyer belt and packs them in baskets. The gripping movement is achieved using drylin® W rails and drylin® W slides. The slides are connected using igubal® double pivoting joints to ensure even movements of the two gripper arms. As always in the food industry, absolute lubricant freedom and cleanness have top priority for this application.

dry-tech® is maintenance-free and has consistently low friction values

PRT slewing ring bearings move freely without lubrication and maintenance!

Niles-Simmons has now started relying on iglide® PRT polymer slewing ring bearings which need neither lubrication nor maintenance to move its control consoles. The cantilever arm system for the control consoles used to be delivered as a complete unit from one supplier.
"However, we wanted to give our machines their own face," reports designer Jens Liebscher. "Therefore we decided on the design of our own control console which looks good with the machining center it is used with." “
It needed to rotate easily and we wanted to make it possible to raise it as well. Two polymer slewing ring bearings installed as a complete unit are used in the newly designed control console. The polymer gliding elements are made from a material called iglide® J. In addition to its main purpose, freedom from maintenance and lubricants, the slewing ring bearings are highly wear resistant. They also have a low coefficient of friction which ensures little force is needed to swivel the console.

Giving machines their own face: even the control console on this machine tool from Niles-Simmons Industrieanlagen GmbH, Chemnitz, was designed by the company. It swivels easily and can be raised.